Tuesday, July 28, 2009

a little change will do you good!

So, as you can see I changed the look of my blog. I was blog surfing and came across another that was almost identical to my old one. I had to change it asap. And I'm sure I will find another that looks just like this one, until I can afford to "buy" a layout! So, if you see this design, somewhere else PLEASE let me know:)

Change #2...I started ass is not happy with me! I have biked a mile and a half (roughly) three days in a row, with the babies in tow. I don't remember my tail hurting EVER when I was a kid....surely I have more cushion on it now, so why is it? Anyway, my no carb diet has come to a FAIL end. I lost 8 pounds, but I didn't work out a bit. I couldn't go longer than 2 weeks, my body was craving some bread, so I switched to a calorie restricted diet, with exercise. Well, as much exercise as I can muster up.

Change #3 came when I thought to cancel the TV. WHAT? Did you read that right? Yes, I canceled the TV. I am a reality show freak and I love to have it on to fill the void. But I have found that I'm watching shit....yep shit. Dating in the dark? Chinese game shows? Come on where is the wholesome shows like Wonder Years, Punky Brewster, Alf? Can you tell I'm an 80's baby? I don't want to corrode anymore, and I certainly don't want the babies dependant on it, so I cut it off. We have plenty of DVDs and plenty of music to listen to. Hopefully we will get out more, breathe the fresh air more, live a little more! I cannot and am not willing to get up the net yet. I just cannot do it....and where would you be without me? ;) totally kidding

I'm thinking about BlogHer10. Thinking. Should I go? Seemed catty. I really hate fake people, would people be real? would people want me to be there? Do you think a year from now, if I didn't go, someone would say " I wish Zealand's mom was here". Am I like the other bloggers? I dunno, but as the weeks turn to months, I will see. Thinking.


Melissa said...

I like the new blog Momma!

Mrs Mommy said...

Love love love the new look and I am completely jealous on your internet savyiness! I need a follow me link..Oh and some followers, LOL

ShaRhonda said...

Love your blog, saw your tweets last night couldn't wait to check it out......

Samantha @ Mama Notes said...

Love this layout :)

I was thinking about bloger10.. I'm not sure yet how I feel about it. it's pretty expensive I think.... I don't know..

Jen said...

Hey Chica, go get your Meme Award from my blog. The instructions are posted! Congrats:)

tanya said...

Hi there, stumbled on your blog and decided to follow.
I'm with you on the giving up of reality TV. I don't watch any because it is so easy to get drawn into it. It's a waste of your precious time and you could be reading a great book or taking a long walk.
Good luck and take care.