Saturday, July 11, 2009

what child LIKES car rides?

So, DH has started his own makeshift company hauling off broken down riding lawn mowers and fixing them up to re-sell. Great, some extra money is essential as I have not worked since last October and my bank account is dwindling and my credit cards are rising!
He has the directions, we have the trailer attached, kids are buckled in and ready to go.
We drive.
And drive.
And drive.
I say "why don't you call him?"
DH says " I don't have his number!"
So, we drive.
And drive.
And drive.
Zealand is cranky, Kingsley is cranky, and Momma is super cranky.
Directions were shot and we spent 4 hours in the car in the sticks looking for some mysterious street that no gas stations had ever heard of. MEN! UGH!
DH thought today would be a fun family car ride....tell me, what child do you know likes car rides??

The happy part of the trip was that I got in Ziggy Marley's newest children CD Family Times!
We have been wanting a reggae CD for awhile, once we read that you should rock your baby to the fast beats to mimic the womb! And I even have the reggae station "The Joint" programmed on my Sirius satellite in the car.
It has a great beat with amazing guest performers like: Laurie Berkner, Paul Simon and Willie Nelson!!! (Yes Willie Nelson does some reggae!) The lyrics, I warn you, are quite catchy!!
We listed to the CD twice through but toward the end not even the Rastafarian beats could keep me from wanting to jump out of the moving car. I highly recommend it!
(It is 8:30pm and DH and I are still not talking)


srr said...

silver lining! ill have to check that cd out. i havent bought any kids cds yet... though kimya dawsons alphabutt is tempting me!

Corrie @ SugarBug Slings said...

oh i am so getting that, my kids will love it. we're currently playing a reggae cover cd of beatles songs in our car, so this is right up our alley!

ShaRhonda said...

That is going to be a must for the Crow Family! Thanks for sharing!

Jessica said...

We love Jamaica and LOVE Reggae, hubby and I both listen to the Joint on Sirius :)

Upstatemomof3 said...

My step-dad used to take us on car rides all the time and it drove me nuts!! We would drive for what felt like hours and then get out and look at the landscape and then he would drive us home. I HATED it. :)

Holly said...

At least the babes weren't screaming. We just got back from a vacation where 3 mo old screamed 6 out of the 8 hr car ride. Talk about wanting to jump from a moving vehicle!!!

Elle Squared said...

My son actually LOVES the car. We tell him "Are you ready to go?" and he gets this big grin on his face and reaches for the carseat.