Monday, August 31, 2009

Back to work!

My Mom left today. Boo hoo. Back to work for her and for me too I guess. Back to cleaning my own house and bathing my children myself:) Oh, and cooking...I haven't cooked a meal since last Tuesday!
Am I the only one that wonders "how did I get here". Just before I opened my eyes this morning, I was 17. I was care-free and my only worries were test scores and boyfriend problems. I could stay up past 11pm (geez 3am..for that matter) and feel great the next day AND I had a rockin' body. I could run and never be out of breath and bake my body in the sun, with no worries.

So, this morning I woke up, to look at myself in the mirror and notice, crow's feet amongst my "mother's mask". My body weighing me down as I still have 15 pounds left of motherhood left to lose. My breasts aren't mine anymore and they surely won't be till a professional takes care of them for me! So, I nurse, then change a diaper, then go in to get the other baby. Change another diaper, strip the bed of wet sheets and start a load of laundry. Put two kids at the table and make sippy cups and breakfast. Pour myself diet coke, PRAYING that it will give me the jolt that I need to make it till nap time.

I never have time to dry my hair. I never leave the house with make-up on, applying it only while driving or once I arrive somewhere. My best looking outfit is jeans and a t-shirt. I wear a nursing tank top every day. My only lipstick, is a chapstick. I threw out any shoe that remotely had a heel and now live in flip-flops. I get my hair cut about every six months and haven't had a pedicure in over a year and my feet are starting to get run down.

I need a mini-vaca. Just someplace, somewhere that caters to ME. Somewhere where I can enjoy sleeping in and dining out. No, mid-night nursing sessions. No, poopy diaper explosions to attend to. No, melted chocolate chips and smeared ketchup on my bestest t-shirt. Anyone, know of the place I'm looking for? A place that I won't feel guilty about leaving this place I call home?
I think I left it back at the youthful age of 17, in my size 0 jeans!


Crissy said...

I too live in flip flops, own no lipstick that isnt named chapstick. I hate anything that doesn't have draw string or elastic in the waist. I love big comfy t-shirts. Changing poop explosions is very old and I too am ready for a much need mini-vaca. SO, if you happen to find that time machine that will take us back..let me know so I can start packing skinny jeans, lipstick, and high heels.

Until then.. we can just look at our pretty babies and know how amazing and wonderful they are while we dream of that time machine and days gone by!

Tiffany said...

I have never EVER been a size 0. But I know just how you feel. In fact I was crying to my mother just this morning that I need a break. Just 1 night away from the little ones to see a movie or have dinner... something anything...

Mrs Mommy said...

I am living on the knowledge that they grow up. I was never a size 0, but I am back to my pregnancy size and this body ain't what it used to be. Same pounds, different size. That is hard to deal with. I miss things too, but I work hard to have me time or nights out with girlfriends or the hubs. But it is never without a nursing baby!

To the future my love!

Autumn and Haley said...

fellow cloth diaper twitter chatter :)

ditch the diet coke! i'm there with you on the rest. i look at this belly i have left over from 4 kiddos and think *UGH* how do i look thin everywhere else yet could easily be mistaken for 5months pregnant.

autumn beck

Amy (the Happy Mom!) said...

Quit stealing my wardrobe tips! LOL!

Jeans & a tee are my best outfit, too (though my size 0s have long been handed down in favor of the 4s and 6s...and 8s, lol). And I was sad when I looked at the 20 or so pairs of heels I used to wear when I worked. I'll wear them again someday! And while I'm ok with what I weigh and my size, I'm not ok with my shape. Things have redistributed and it's not what it used to be!

When you find the mini vaca spot, let me though. I'll meet you there!