Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Doctor Trojan!

Yep, that's what my computer has, the Dr. Trojan. If you have wondered why I have been MIA, now you can ease your mind! I'm on Christian's computer and probably will be for awhile, until new recovery discs show and I get my POS HP back working. My Dad (Papa) came into town this weekend and although we are not very close it was a very pleasant experience. He's the kind of guy that actually gets on the floor and plays, he is real hands on with the babies. Zealand had a blast with him and I enjoyed the bonding time they spent together, since there are so few.
I'm gonna have a few giveaways starting up this week, I just have to pry this computer out of darling husband's hands, as he just bought a new '66 Ford pick-up and has been researching it non-stop.....just what we need right? I got bills out the ying-yang and am contemplating getting a job to help with all the fnancial burden, I just wish I didn't have to worry about added expenses like a friggin' truck!
Be on the lookout for some fabby giveaways and reviews and my much anticipated
sometime near the end of September. I will be reviewing and giving away all kinds of wonderful teethers. Last count, I had over 7!

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Bobbi Janay said...

Glad to see your back.