Thursday, September 10, 2009

Resolve Muti-fabric Review

I can assure you no one sent me this product. I am not getting paid to write this....I wish I was though, the times are tough;) I stumbled upon Resolve multi-fabric from one of their commercials. I was most interested in it because we have micro-suede couches and they attract dirt easily. They also clean fairly easily with just water. After 2 Jack Russells and 2 kids, I needed something a little bit stronger than water!

Let me tell you what this cleaner has cleaned up for me!
Pen off my micro-suede couches....PEN as in INK!
Milk, juice, mushed strawberry pop-tart, dried Velveeta cheese and MUCH MORE!
I have used it on my chair (the holy thrown I sit/eat/work on computer on) and I just used it on my area rug in the family room.
The rug in the family room is probably a 6'x 10' dark khaki short shag. I have only had it in the room for about 2-3 months, to help Punky with her crawling (we have wood underneath). It looked awful. I mean milk stains, dirt stains, food smeared in, boogers, drool the WHOLE shabang! I quickly spent about 15 minutes on my knees with a dry washcloth and Resolve multi-fabric and it is out! Looks brand new again. Oh and it smells good too, not chemically at all!

I HIGHLY recommend it!

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Candice said...

This is good to know. I've been using the Spray N Wash with Resolve power for clothes and stains on furniture or when a kid has an accident lol I love using products that have more than 1 purpose!