Friday, October 2, 2009

Active Ion Review

I'm in a cleaning frenzy....right we speak. I am breaking to tell you all about the Active Ion. Maybe I should have just tried it on my carpets.....didn't think of that..... anyway, I contacted Active Ion after seeing it as a giveaway on Makes Mom Happy. I knew I wouldn't win and I knew I wanted it!
Trying to go green is hard! I love the bad stuff, like teenagers love the bad boys. I know deep down the good stuff will be loyal, caring and gentle.....wait are we talking boys or cleaners? Well, actually both!
The Active Ion comes with a charging cord (do NOT lose it) and the actual hand held machine (sorta heavy, but you get used to it quickly). There is a screw top where you fill it up with sink water and THAT IT IT! No, really, squirt and clean away.
One of my ABSOLUTE favorite things about this cleaner (can you say cleaner, cause it is just ionized water, so should I say water?hmmmm)is that you don't have to squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. You know EVERY other product you have to continually pump the handle and you have to keep it in an upright position. Which we all know is total bullshit. How can you keep a bottle upright when you're squirting the floor or table? So this "machine" you just hold it down and it will forever quirt at your leisure in whatever angle you feel best represents the job....well until you are out of water that is.
My second favorite thing about this product is that Christian LOVES it! Anytime you can get your husband's approval on something is a HUGE plus. He is STILL testing away, waiting to find something, anything that this "machine" won't clean.
My take on it? I love that I feel safe cleaning the kids stuff with it. I hate how paranoid I am around it, scared that I may drop it or Zealand may run off with it (with it's high price I consider it irreplaceable) I love the continual spray and how you can spray in any angle. I love how multipurpose this is. (I will list everything I have cleaned using it in a minute) I love knowing that besides a few of my staple cleaners that I HAVE have, I will NEVER have to buy another multipurpose cleaner. Did I tell you it also SANITIZES? I love that using an Active Ion is said to save 93 gallons of gasoline AND 2 barrels of oil. I love the I am taking a stand and saying "No more polluting the Earth" (one small step at a time but I'm doing it!"
Here's HOW it works:

1. Charging
A water cell applies a slight electrical charge to the tap water.

2. Transforming
The charged water passes through an ion exchange membrane, creating an oxygen-rich mixture of positive and negative nano-bubbles.

3. Cleaning
The activated water now attracts dirt like a magnet and lifts it from the surface, enabling it to be easily wiped away.

Here is a list of things I have cleaned with the Active Ion:
Sliding glass door
Plastic/rubber dog door
Kitchen table
High chair
Kitchen Sink
Kitchen counters
Glass stove top
GREASE off glass stove top
Zealand's train table aka snack table
Christian's leather "man chair"
Bathroom mirror
Door frames
Toilet seat and inside toilet
Door knobs
(I had pictures then decided I really didn't want to show you the before pictures of my toilet, counters and stove)

I have to say that EVERYTHING came clean. Some things needed more than a wipe down but no actual elbows were injured while scrubbing.

The price is steep. It is a small price to pay, to feel confident in green cleaning though. To feel confident that you never have to get out of your pajamas to leave to the store for household cleaners. I recommend it to you, your family, your friends and hey...even your enemies.


Bobbi Janay @When did I go from a kid to a grown up? said...

This sounds amazing.

Anonymous said...

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KIDDO said...

Hi. Im in Charleston, SC, USA. The green hotel I'm staying in uses one of these in my room. Mgr very excited abt it.
Wanted to ask you 2 things: are you still just as happy with it as you were a yr ago? & does it get mold and mildew too?
Sounds pretty great. Opportunity to ask someone "not in US" - couldn't pass up. Thanks, Mari