Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Clementine NW Review

I purchased Adiri baby bottles from Clementine Northwest when they had a KILLER sale on the 3 pack. They also were running a cute giveaway where of you found certain items throughout their store that were priced at $0 you could just add them to the cart! I received a cute travel baby cleaning set and an adorable book/game for FREE plus I added a free shipping coupon code! I loved how their box came, with their own personalized sticker, like you were opening up a present instead of a purchase.
Unfortunately nothing was as good as the boob and Kingsley denied these bottles, so I have 2 of the 3 up for sale on ebay.....but not Clementine NWs fault but mine for my damn attachment parenting:)
I contacted them recently to see if they wanted to do a review and they asked what I was interested in at their store. I am interested in EVERYTHING. All of their products are organic and environmentally friendly.....and CUTE and TRENDY! Even the box and ribbon they ship in is recycled.
They sent me Baby's First Blocks, since Kingsley had just started to play with Zealand and I wanted something to review for both of them. These blocks are staple pieces. Timeless and built to pass on to another generation. I love that they are made with water based non-toxic lacquers and maple wood. I LOVE that even though I got them for free that I would and could actually buy them as they are ONLY $14.95!
I really would love to weed out our toys. I would love to have ALL environmentally friendly wooden, paper or knitted toys. How do I tell Zealand that he would have to get rid of his pirate ship and John Deere tractors? I won't but I can make the effort to buy quality over quantity and buy environmentally friendly products for them and for others that I buy for. Baby steps!
Head over to Clementine NW, you will not be sad you did! Pick up something for Mom or baby at really affordable prices!

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