Sunday, November 22, 2009

Livie and Luca review and coupon code

I saw these shoes...and fell in love. I knew I had to have them one way or another. I contacted Livie and Luca to do a review and she was so quick with a "yes" that I was on shock. Clearly these shoes spoke for themselves, clearly they didn't need someone to review these beautiful shoes!

They arrived in an adorable bag. (Yeah, for saving a tree) The smell of the leather permiated it's surroundings. I took a big whiff. Yep, real leather. Covered with an adorable owl. I showed them to Zealand and he was equally excited (well, not equally because I was REALLY excited)

I have him wear them with everything. I dress these shoes up and down. He has worn them with capri khakis and his fancy corduroys. I love the brown base that matches everything he owns. I LOVE how the ankle strap is almost a high top, supporting his ankle. I love that because they are SOOO soft that even though they are almost 2 sizes too big (Stride rite says to do that?) he NEVER complains about these shoes.

He complains about his Robeez and refuses to wear them. And I thought that Robeez were soft and flexible (and they are) but they are NOTHING compared to Livie and Luca. These shoes are so amazing that I can almost guarantee that if you bought 1 pair you would buy from them again.
I know that I MOST certainly am going to be a life long customer of theirs.

I am so sorry to announce that I do not have a giveaway for this shoe but Livie and Luca did generously give me a coupon code for 10% off your purchase not including their sale shoes.

Use code :zealand10off