Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Little Diva Tutu Review

Kingsley will be one on December 20th. Where did the year go? She is SUCH a snuggle bug. Well, I take that back, she is such a clingly bug. She sure has a special thing for her Mama (yep, me!) She pretty much hates the floor, unless there is food on it. She just surpassed her birth weight x3, which was my goal for her. I'm not sure where I read that, but supposedly, that is a sign of a healthy breast-fed baby. So she is a whopping 19.4 lbs and still just a teeny tiny thing.
Her nickname is Punky but Zealand calls her we'll see what wins :)

Her party is in just about 2 weeks in the theme of a girly pirate. I rented out the gymnastics studio, where they will have it set up for free play for the toddlers to roam. I will be bringing my own hot pink table cloths and hot pink and black balloons. I ordered pirate cups from oriental trading company and will be stuffing them with pirate necklaces, stickers and tattoos. My mom just brought me little skull candy holders, so I need to find some pink and black wrapped candy to stuff in those! I ordered a Pirate swashbuckling CD from Amazon using my swagbucks, so the gym will be filled with pirate music argh!!

Kingsley will be wearing this adorable tutu sponsored by Little Diva Tutus. She sent us the hot pink and black one, to match her hot pink with black skull leggings, I found on etsy. I will pair up this tutu with a simple black turtleneck but I had much grander plans but live in a small town, without a fabric store!

This tutu arrived in a large box (as so not to get squished) and it was just ADORABLE! The perfect amount of color! I have to say that it is a SUPER great quality for the price. I know if you are in the market for a tutu you have noticed the prices are RIDONKULOUS! Even for ugly ones!! MOST tutus on this site are just $19.99 and I think that is totally a price that anyone can afford. She has an amazing photographer and I am in love with all her pictures. (She has a shirt on one of her mannequins and when I asked about the shirt, she said it was a STICKER....and it still looked so stinkin' cute!)

And.....she has a fundraiser on her site. She donates a percentage of certain tutus to help Layla Grace and St. Jude's Hospital! Now, that is amazing. She is giving back during a time where everyone is hoarding their money.

Want to read something interesting about Melissa?? Check out her great story on her site, trust will LOVE what you see!!

Christmas is approaching fast....hurry up and snag one of these for picture time. I can't think of a cuter thing for a little lady to be seen in!


LittleDivaTutus said...

Thank you for the amazing write up and review!! Your Little Diva looks soooo adorable in her Little Diva Tutu!!
- Melissa

Nancy said...

LOVE the outfit and the pearls!!!!