Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Year....New to You Cloth Diaper swap!

Emi at The Cloth Diaper Report and I were thinking how great it would be to swap great conditioned cloth diapers that don't work so well for one individual for someone else's cloth diaper that you have been wanting to try or one that you know you love!

Thus became New Year...New to You swap!

For example: I have a knickernappies in chocolate that we have only used about 4 times. I just am not all that fond if the side snaps so why not switch if for someone who may have a drybees fleece (my favorite) or for a Rocky Mountain (which I have never tried).

Sound like a good plan? Fill out the form over at The Cloth Diaper Report .....let us know where we stand and what we are getting ourselves into;)

This is gonna be soooooo exciting!

leave me a comment when you fill out the everyone can tell how many are participating



Brooke said...

There is no form?!?!?! I wanna join!

Kaycee @ Fit for a Child said...

I couldnt get the form to work either (although we are expecting so I have none to trade yet- but this is such a good idea!)

Just a suggestion: Maybe you could make this an annual event like a cloth diaper swap carnival!

Calley said...

I signed up! Sounds like fun!

Jessica said...

I joined! And I have a Drybees I want to swap :) Going to keep one and swap the other.

Annie said...

I signed up! I have an adorable AI2 that my boy is too big for :D

Amanda said...

I did it! :)

We've got 3 Fuzzi bunz Petite in boy/gender neutral colors. Only used when DH was home...cause he didn't know I wasn't fond of them! LOL!