Friday, February 5, 2010

Rumpsack Diapers Review by Betsy

I got the most wonderful surprise Christmas/G's Birthday gift from a lady in my church choir. I was active in the choir before my DS was born and the ladies in our choir have been so generous to us since G arrived. One Alto told me that her daughter was making cloth diapers (she knows that we exclusively CD) and just after Christmas, she brought me one :).
I have a love for all things turtle and so Janelle at Rumpsack Diapers custom made us the cutest light green pocket diaper with a sea turtle embroidered on the butt!
I was floored. Easily the most fabulous diaper in my stash. The diaper looked small at first, I'm paranoid since DS is such a big boy, but Janelle's profile said that the diapers were supposed to be very trim fitting. She was right- trim fitting but adorable! I put it on that afternoon and fell in love. I gave DS about 4 hours in the diaper as a normal use trial. When I changed him, I thought, well he must not have had much water because this thing is still dry. That was until I removed the microfiber insert. It was soaked! But the fleece that lined the inside kept my baby high and dry. I have used it for 6 hour stretches using 2 inserts with great results as well. Even doubled up on inserts, this diaper is trim and does not give your baby that funny CD butt that some diapers do. Rumpsack has some of the most unique prints that I have seen in CDs and I am trying to convince DH that I need a few more :) Thanks Janelle!

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lovemylevi said...

What a cute little fluff butt that is!
Love your blog! You have been given an award! Please check it out on my blog

Brie H said...

That is SOOO cute! I love turtles so that caught my eye immediately!

fancygrlnancy said...

THat is adorable!!!

Plus I wanted you to know that I am giving you 2 awards!! check out my blog for them:

Janelle said...

Thanks so much! I really do enjoy making cloth diapers. It really looks cute on G!

TheGirl said...

that turtle is adorable!
sorry i missed the #clothdiapers chat yesterday, hope to chat with you next week!