Sunday, February 7, 2010

Kokopax Baby Carrier Review

It was love at first sight when I found the Kokopax online. They were one of the first companies I approached for a review. I was small time then, and was turned down. My heart was broken, yet I understood. I tried again, now that I'm a tad bit bigger and we are, me reviewing this baby carrier!

I was sent the bubbles print and waited 2.2 seconds for the Fed-ex guy to walk away before grabbing the box and ripping it to shreds to get to MY KOKOPAX!

I am so enamored by the look of this carrier. I love the fact that is comes with a carrying bag, so when you throw it in your messy SUV (ahem) it won't get dirty! It has 2 ways to hook baby toys and/or sippy cups. Did I mention the trendy fabric choices? I love that I can put her in it and just set her down, unlike my soft carriers. The straps are adjustable enough that both my 6 foot tall husband and I (at a whopping 5'1'') and can wear it, comfortably.

Speaking of comfortably: I must say, I have tried numerous carriers but never a structured one. My husband has a more rugged carrier for hiking or long days but I wanted him to try it first. He wore it to our day out to Target and Lowes. He said he was for the most part comfortable, even though towards the end, his shoulder and arm were starting to go numb from an old rotator cuff injury.

Next time around, was mine. We (Kingsley and I) went to the grocery store. I felt a lack of support right off the bat, I really like having a waist belt, since I am petite and a tad weak:) But the compliments were so thick, I couldn't help but grin from ear to ear! Every single time I wear this, I am bombarded by women! I wish they would have sent me business cards (hint hint). Luckily for those who are going to read this and want a waist belt too....they now offer it! And how terribly jealous am I of the gal that gets to wear this? Peace signs and a waist belt? *swoon*

Here is their features:
  • made with 100% cotton canvas
  • anodized aluminum frame
  • comfortable shoulder straps
  • adjustable frame to fit individual user
  • padded waist support
  • handy storage pocket
  • kickstand for easy loading
  • 5-pt. safety harness
  • ties to secure pax protector™
  • toy ring to attach koko™ or other toys
  • weighs approximately 2.7 lbs.
  • fits in airline overhead bins
  • makes a great every day baby backpack
  • for use from 6 months to 2 years (or up to 35 pounds)
  • makes a great every day baby backpack
  • patent pending
  • includes green carry bag

Doesn't get much cuter than this!

Grab yourself one....promise you will send me pictures!



Little Miss Emmy Lou said...

I got one for Christmas (in bubbles) and I LOOOOVE it! My husband has used it. I haven't had the chance to wear it myself because I am pregnant but I can't wait to use it with my 20 month old once this little guy is born! It is so well made!

Little Miss Emmy Lou said...

Here's a post with my husband using it!

Mommy Bear said...

That looks awesome and I am in need of a good carrier! Thanks for the review.