Friday, February 12, 2010

Lollidoo Review

Alison from Lollidoo sent me the most awesome diaper ever:) The Lollido Eco-pocket. I mean everyone knows that cloth diapers are eco-friendly and best for baby and the environment. Did you know that this diaper is actually made from RECYCLED materials? Here is what their "about us" section has to say:

LolliDoo™ diapers’ initial offering has been specially designed with EcoSpun® recycled performance fleece. EcoSpun® performance fleece is made from recycled PET bottles and is the most eco-friendly and baby-friendly fiber available. They added a small amount of natural rubber at the legs for a customize fit. LolliDoo® has eliminated the traditional cloth diaper PUL waterproof outer and rivals the chemical-laden disposables in keeping skin dry.

Their use of EcoSpun® recycled fabric yields many rewards for the Earth, as well as the consumer. By using recycled PET, they are not only keeping disposable diapers out landfills, they are also keeping at least 6 plastic water bottles (for each diaper manufactured) out of the same landfill. The recycling of PET saves millions of barrels of oil each year and reduces virgin resource consumption. Additionally, once created, LolliDoo™ Diapers save precious resources in that they thrive in cold - water washing. A fast-drying diaper is beneficial for baby's skin. The Ecospun® fabric wicks moisture away from the skin toward the breathable outer layer, where air circulates to dry any accumulating moisture. Our tests of extreme diapering conditions (toddlers and overnight use) show that despite large quantities of urine, baby's bottom is as dry as it was when the diaper was first put on. As mothers, we tend to like that.

Not only is their product green, but LolliDoo™ also conducts every aspect of the business with minimal environmental impact -- from the materials, to the manufacturing, to the final distribution. They have sought to source ALL manufacturing components domestically, in line with the "buy local" philosophy. And, to finish it all off nicely, they are developing a recycling program that allows consumers to return the diaper at the end of useful life, where they'll feed it into existing fiber recycling.

Now here is what I have to say. I love it. My husband loves it! (Now that is saying TONS). The metal snaps are priceless and really an overlooked added special touch. I love the insert that came with the diaper as well. Zealand and Kingsley have both used this diaper as an overnight and neither had any leaks. How about the fact that they offer some great color choices with the ability to flair them up! I find the adjusting a tad tricky, similar to the new Fuzzi Bunz but without the hassle of the strings pulling out and curling! I love the organic cotton directly touches my baby's skin, which is a big deal to me while I figure out what keeps bringing this rash back to Kingsley. We are currently de-stashing our micro-fiber and this diaper meets and exceeds EVERY aspect of what I want in a diaper. If you're looking for a diaper that truly is eco-friendly....then lollido is a definite do!

Lollido is offering a cloth diaper rebate for my readers:


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Katie said...

they are so cute! I love the embellished ones.