Friday, February 19, 2010

Thursday night breastfeeding chat #bfcafe

A twitter dream of mine has finally come true. A weekly breastfeeding chat! We will be using the hash #bfcafe and starting at 10 EST. I have a list of over 10 sponsors and each week we will have a specific topic related to breastfeeding BUT the forum will be open for ALL questions and ALL support!

Next Thursday Be Nice prenatals is the sponsor and we will be talking about the importance of taking them before delivery and throughout nursing. We will talk about staying hydrated and may delve into eating habits and calorie intake as well.

Be Nice prenatals provides an on-the-go packet filled with yummy vitamin powder to mix with your water...wherever you are. Knowing that you can drink healthy whenever and wherever can be a sigh of relief for busy moms.

Each packet of Be Nice contains 25% of the doctor recommended supply of folic acid, vitamins, and minerals, along with DHA. When you take the packets throughout the day, your body can better retain and utilize nutrients, while you and your baby stay hydrated. Be Nice uses life'sDHA, a plant-based DHA that is free from ocean-borne contaminants, mercury and hexane. Be Nice contains all the best for you and your baby.

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Erin said...

YAY! I'm so excited for this! It was so much fun participating last night in the first #bfcafe. It was great. It's amazing how after 10 months of solid breastfeeding you can hit a small snag to send you staggering. This chat came at JUST the right time to pick me back up.

Next week is gonna be great! I have lots of questions regarding vitamins and calorie intake.


Mrs Mommy said...

Yay doll! That is all kinds of awesome! Good for you, I am happy for you!

Owen's Mom said...

I am excited to join. Hopefully my little nurser will cooperate and allow me to type. She is big enough to kick at my keyboard.

I couldn't get the twitter link to work, but I did become a fan on FB of So Nice Prenatals.

Anonymous said...

Became a fan, followed on twitter & FB. I love the idea of a weekly twitter chat for all us BF moms. Even if there is no structure, just chatting is worth it!

Samantha @ Mama Notes said...

woo hoo!!

M said...

Do my best to be there at this first one!- have a meeting around the same time - I think I linked my RSVP to my website instead of the twitter URL - don't know if you can fix.