Tuesday, March 16, 2010

March 18th #BfCafe sponsored by Aromatic Health

Aromatic Health features a green and natural choice is caring for you and your baby. They offer the following product lines: Aromatherapeutic, Mother & Child, Skin Care and Gift Sets. Helping you heal, naturally!

Thursday we will be featuring the Mother and Child line by giving away 1 Calendula Nursing Ointment, Mom & Baby Massage oil and Hemp Bum Butter.

Aromatic Health has really amazing products for every stage of the pregnancy from anti-nausea essential oils to post-cesarean healing oils!

And for those trying to conceive or nursing a toddler....what about cold and sinus, mental clarity or stress relief? I'm nursing a toddler who is just starting to get her teeth, so I need all of the above!

Aromatic Health is a Canadian company, which will help a good lot of you #BfCafe supporters, since the first night we trended in Canada!

We will be discussing nursing issues that lead to soreness. We will talk about teething, latch issues and bad habits. What we should do to fix and how we can heal! I think this is a perfect time for me to learn from other moms, as Kingsley is starting to get teeth.

Just in time Kristi @TweetingMama has written a post: Breastfeeding: A Few Simple Tips to Help Beat the Teeth-Scraping Blues
Kristi runs and writes the blog Live and Love Out Loud.

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Messy Mommy said...

Are there really no snakes in New Zealand? If not I'm totally moving there!

Talina said...

Okay, I am totally time zone dense...

Thought the chat was 10pm my time but then we just went DST last weekend so now I am not sure what time the chat is for me... What time/ time zone is the chat?

It is 10:26 here and it looks like the chat is over :-/