Tuesday, March 23, 2010

March 25th #BfCafe Sponsor: Hot Mama Gowns

This week we are going to talk about what you actually need to bring with you to the hospital in preparation for nursing. We will talk about the first feed and makings sure that your wishes are kept. The first feed is a moment you don't want to ever forget and having the knowledge of what could and can happen will ensure that you have the keys to success!

Hot Mama Gowns is this week's sponsor and she has one fabulous product! There is no product that you MUST have to make breastfeeding work, but surely there are products that can help and encourage. I believe feeling confident in your abilities and having a great support is all that a mom really needs....but I still would have loved to have one of these gowns;) First time nursing can be clumsy and difficult, wearing the proper garments can help alleviate some frustration, nervousness and embarrassment.....especially when doing it in front of your entire family and hospital staff!

Here is a description of the gowns:
Designed for style, comfort and functionality!
The gown is designed to fit you before and after pregnancy. The ribbon-tied panels allow you to expand or reduce the gown and allows you access to your breasts individually. There are also hidden snaps along the inside of the top panels that ensure a secure fit during wear. You'll be able to wear the gown far beyond your Hospital / Birthing Center stay; wear it at home while you're healing; before you fit into your pre-pregnancy clothes.

Hot Mama Gowns is offering:
2 gowns
2 $50 Gift Certificates!

So check out the Hot Mama Gowns site so you know which one you will get when you win!

RSVP your twitter name to win:

example on how to enter
@zealandsmom as your name
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