Monday, April 19, 2010

Wanna trade? (Cloth Diaper Post)

I love cloth diapers. I could chat them all day. I like different kinds for different days and different circumstances.
BUT I do have my favorites and remarkably my husband has chosen a favorite too!

We love GADs. We truly puffy heart them. I still hold strong on my Drybees fleece for nighttime and if you aren't using them, I really don't understand why?! ;)

*I do have a few diapers left to review....but as of now, these are my favorite pocket and nighttime diapers

So....I would like to sell or trade almost my whole stash of diapers that is not a GAD for EITHER a GAD or a Drybees FLEECE.
I am looking for Medium Long, Medium Husky or Large in GADs and Medium or Large in Drybees.


2 EUC Thirsties covers Small (girly colors)
1 EUC White BambinoMio Cover Large
1 EUC Yellow Green Sprout fitted Medium
12 GUC Pink BumGenius 3.0s converted to snaps
*SOLD*1 EUC Mango Thirsties duo Size 2
3 EUC Bumkins AIO (boy prints) Medium
*SOLD 3 EUC Fuzzi Bunz OS (red, orange and lime)
2 EUC Smartipants (lavender and clover)
*SOLD 1 EUC Black Tweedlebug OS
2 Drybees Medium (Violet and seafoam green)
*SOLD 1 Drybees Fleece Small Navy
*TRADED 1 BG AIO Clementine
2 GUC Rumparooz Orange/pink
(I say GOOD only because these are the version with the colored tabs
and those bleach out color where the new tabs are actually a continuation of same fabric)

I have a handful more, email me or tweet me if you're interested and I will send pics!



J said...

Aagh I wish your BG were not pink I would buy them from u, I love the 3.0 AIO's SO MUCH. I am trying to get rid of my BG Organic AIO's but DiaperSwap web site won't let me private message anyone until I have 5 posts? I don't have 5 things to post about! Any suggestions?

Amanda H. said...

I have TWO blue medium-long GAD fleece covers! Let me know if you want to trade for a Fuzzibunz :) @rococoriche

fancygrlnancy said...

I really wish I had a GAD to try.. They look so cute! You have so many diapers you want to get rid of ... sorry I have nothing to trade.

simplymerry said...

now i want to try GAD! wish i could buy some of your diapers, but i'm out of diaper money. :)

hey, does the cuteybaby giveaway have daily tweet entries? didn't specify.