Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Dittany Baby is May 6th's #BfCafe sponsor

This week I would like to talk about nursing in public. There is some VERY strong views on the issue and some pretty heated debates.
I think, daily, we see some ass tweet about how they feel about nursing in public and every day a handful of us go to bat for ALL of us.

I know that with Zealand, I always used my nursing cover. I was diligent about covering up and being "respectful" to others; until I realized, it wasn't about them, it was about Zealand. Now that Kingsley is here (and we're still breastfeeding at 16 months) I just don't give a damn. If she wants "bewbie" she can have it. That's why I have them right? I have breasts to actually use them approximately 2 years per child and once she is done, I really have no use for them, so I better make the most of the time they are useful, right?

I know that many of us breastfeed for other reasons besides health. We breastfeed because, it is cheaper, easier or on demand. I know that whatever reason you have decided to breastfeed, it is the right reason, because it is your reason.

I think, personally that if we all decided to nurse in public more and took a stand that we would slowly break down the barriers and ignorant thoughts of breastfeeding.

Whether you decide to use a cover, use a nursing tank, or whip it out full is YOUR right and more importantly, it is your BABY'S right (which I think most negative feedback on the issue seems to forget).

I though this week we could talk about nursing covers vs. not using a cover, we can also talk about alternative options, like nursing in slings, nursing tank tops or using a baby blanket. I think we should cover state laws on breastfeeding in public, so that each mom knows what her right is. We can talk about situations we have been in and how to get through them for new moms!

New owner, Lisa, of Dittany Baby has agreed to sponsor nursing covers for this week's chat!
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Here is Lisa's bio:
Dedication to providing Dittany Baby customers with the most stylish and functional accessories meets with Lisa's passion for breastfeeding by offering a line of beautiful nursing covers for moms who prefer to nurse with a cover or have easily distractable babies who benefit from the privacy. As a breastfeeding mother, Lisa believes strongly in the benefits of breastfeeding and wants to help even the most shy of mothers realize their breastfeeding goals by helping them feel more confident about being able to nurse anytime and anywhere, and look great doing it. As an avid baby wearing mom of two, Lisa brings her practical experience as well as her designer's eye to designing a line of lightweight and comfortable Mei Tais, Pouch Slings, and H2O slings. Lisa loves that baby wearing gives her the opportunity to hold her children and cuddle them closely, while still having her hands free to get things done. She also loves that baby wearing means a smoother day with calmer kids.

In addition to feeling passionately about breastfeeding and baby wearing, Lisa feels it is important to provide affordable luxury with a conscience. She believes strongly in supporting US businesses, family businesses, and in keeping Dittany Baby products proudly made in the USA. Lisa believes that keeping production in the USA is absolutely vital to maintaining a quality brand. Lisa also believes in doing her part to secure a healthy planet for her children, and is dedicated to continuing to offer organic options for the environmentally conscious baby wearer.

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