Tuesday, June 1, 2010

30 days of blogging

I have been busy, with life outside of the computer. Although my lives do link together, I have neglected the reason I wanted to start blogging.
It was supposed to be "me" time.
Time alone to be with my thoughts.
I wanted to talk about issues and thoughts that run through my mind.

I'm starting today! I am embarking upon my one year anniversary and I have goals I have still not met!

Who am I without my kids? Has anyone else thought about this? I was some crazy partying girl who slept all day and went out all night. Even when I met my husband, I still had no focus or ambition. Surely, every woman must feel this way....right? I have had numerous careers and plenty of "friends" but it was like my soul was only half there. Is it possible that I was born and made for my children? Who would I be without them?