Tuesday, June 29, 2010

#BfCafe with Simple Wishes

**We've done a pumping bra before & I love her designs**
However Simple Wishes is this week's sponsor and here is another option, which I find quite fascinating, although I have not tried personally. From what I can see, this bra gives you the options to have straps and the holes that hold the flanges are tighter, looking to give less wiggle room if you need to be active while pumping.The Simple Wishes bra is completely adjustable, with the ability to zip up an extra width panel between the breasts after using the velcro panel on your back to perfect the size. SO as your breast grow or shrink, you will continue to have the right fit!
This bra was invented by 4 women...sisters, who felt that they had to fill a void with this product. Celebrities like Camila Alves and Nicole Sullivan have raved this product. It has also won numerous awards and been featured in People magazine.

With that said let's re-visit pumping this week.
Let's talk once again about how much you need to leave behind when you go out, alcohol/drugs and pumping and dumping, how to use pumping to build or maintain a supply & how to donate if you find that you have an oversupply!

WHEW....that sounds like a lot!
I will divide the topics up in 15 minute intervals but like always please feel free to direct your questions to the CLCs and IBCLs that are on hand for the evening.

Simple Wishes will be donating 3 bras to our fabulous #BfCafe chat followers.
To win: make sure you RSVP, follow me on twitter and follow @simplewishes


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