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June 24th #BfCafe Breastfeeding with Comfort and Joy

(written by Laura Keegan)

Let’s talk about skin to skin contact:

How it can be so helpful for the breastfeeding relationship

How to increase the likelihood of getting immediate skin to skin contact at birth even for Cesarean births

How to ensure plenty of opportunities postpartum for mom and baby and dad and baby to be together and skin to skin.

Food for thought:

Dr. Michel Odent, a French obstetrician and author observes, "It has been my experience, in thirty years of obstetrics, that when a mother and her baby are allowed to be alone together in the first two hours after birth the mother will learn how to put the baby to her breast correctly, without anyone’s help."

This is wonderful but unfortunately mothers and babies are routinely separated at birth. Sometimes the separation is necessary as with a baby born preterm or with problems and needs immediate medical care; but more often it's just hospital protocol and routine that interferes with this bonding and mother-baby time. For more insight into mothers' attitudes and memories regarding having their babies right after birth (or not) see Mothers Yearn for Their Babies at Birth.

While immediate skin to skin contact facilitates ease of breastfeeding; even if mothers don't get this time with their babies, all is not lost! Babies are resilient, and mothers can make up for lost time, although it may take more effort than if they had gotten off to the best start.

Of course bring any breastfeeding questions and comments as usual to add to the discussion.

Laura Keegan, author of Breastfeeding with Comfort and Joy is sponsoring #bfcafe this week. She believes that one of the biggest road-blocks to successful breastfeeding is the lack of good pictures and images of mothers successfully breastfeeding their babies. With so many women choosing not to nurse in front of others (or feeling like they shouldn't), almost the only image little girls and women have of feeding babies is by bottle! So many women just have no idea that babies are held differently when given bottles than when they are nursed from their mothers' breasts. Consequently, when women start to nurse their babies, they often hold their babies and breasts as if they were bottle-feeding. This often leads to painful nursing, cracked and bleeding nipples, and unhappy, unsatisfied babies. Rather than fix the real problem -- the poor positioning that leads to the baby not being able to get a mouthful of breast -- most mothers don't even know that there is a problem, so are forced into feeding formula when they don't want to. Breastfeeding with Comfort and Joy is geared to get to the root of the real problem for most breastfeeding issues. By providing beautiful and accurate images of women nursing their babies the way that works and is imprinted in cultures where breastfeeding is the norm, the book helps to counter the wrong images most women have of "how to nurse a baby." Once women see and understand how to hold their baby to breastfeed with ease, they can implement these changes -- sometimes subtle, sometimes major -- and truly have a comfortable and joyful breastfeeding experience with their babies.

In her over 20 years of working with newborns in her practice, Laura discovered that most of the problems women have with breastfeeding are really poor positioning. She wrote this book to reach a larger audience than what she could reach in her private practice. For reviews and testimonials see her webpage and right panel of her blog. Doulas, midwives, childbirth educators and IBCLCs who loved the book have ordered cases of books to give to their clients. One Bradley Teacher who used the book in class said it was her best class ever on breastfeeding!

Laura is offering three copies of Breastfeeding with Comfort and Joy to be given away at this week’s #bfcafe.

Also for every book ordered from now up until 24 hours after this week’s #bfcafe, she is extending a $5 discount plus will donate another $5 per book to Best for Babes, in order to help with their important work. In order to receive this $5 discount and $5 donation to Best for Babes, just enter #bfcafe in the Customer Code Box on the shopping cart when ordering from her website. The #bfcafe $5 discount per book ordered will automatically be subtracted from your charges and Laura will donate $5 to Best for Babes for every book ordered.

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