Friday, July 9, 2010

Lopsided boobs?

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We talked about milk.
How in the beginning while preggo and until you deliver your placenta that milk is a given. That it is not supply and demand made but instead hormonally made. If you are preggo and you have a baby, you will most likely (unless you are the 2%) make milk.
30-72 hours after you deliver the placenta, your breasts will feel fuller and your milk has officially "come in".

Supply and demand is how you will build and maintain your supply from now on.
With each emptying if the breast, more milk will fill. The MORE empty the breast, the faster it will fill. if you do not completely empty the breast, your body will not feel the instant need to fill it, and this will affect your supply. Empty more and empty more frequently. Nursing on demand (not every 3 hours like the hospital tells you) will ensure that you make exactly what your baby needs. Pumping will ensure that you have MORE of a supply however, you may end up with an oversupply that can be harmful to the relationship down the line.

The size of your breasts does not necessarily equal the amount you are able to store.
With that being said, if you do have smaller breasts that has a smaller fullness, you will need to feed even more frequently to keep up with the supply and demand. compares it to drinking from a cup. You can drink from a large or a small cup and still drink the same amount by the end of the day....BUT you will have to refill that small cup more often.

We also talked about lopsided breasts. WHY?
Well as a nursing mom, certainly you have your favorite side, as much as your nursing baby does. The smaller side is the side less taken, the side less emptied therefore the side less filled. IF the lopsidedness is an issue there are 4 ways that recommends & should help withing 4 days!

*offer smaller side 1st (more vigorous sucking)
*nurse preferred side until letdown then switch to smaller (try to avoid moving baby)
*pump smaller side 5-10 minutes AFTER each session
*pump smaller side in between feedings

Next week we have Motherlove supplements!
**I know we ALL love to talk about BUILDING our supply**



Misfit Momma aka Missy said...

I'm wearing my undercover mama right now! Love it!!

robin.sayers said...

Thanks for talking about this! With my first DS, I majorly freaked out about my lopsidedness (is that a word-LOL!) and ended up throwing in the towel! I had little support or knowledge about Bfing. This time around, I'm happy to say I've been bfing exclusively for 9 mths and counting! It's so important to get this kind of information out into moms' hands. I think the more we talk about our own struggles (and triumphs) with bfing, the more women will begin to embrace it. Women rise to the challenge when we admit something is challenging, it's just intimidating when our society tells us something about or bodies is "wrong" or "not normal." Hope that makes sense :)