Sunday, July 4, 2010

Recap of last week's BfCafe

I've literally just realized that some of my readers might not tweet! So, from now on (hopefully the day after) I will provide details, info and facts from the previous chat. I will from now oAlign Centern, chose a winner from the comments to the #BfCafe RSVP post to win one of the products being given away, in case there is a reader who does not have access to twitter.

This week we talked about pumping. Simple Wishes was our sponsor and she provided 3 bras to the participants.

Our first topic was how much baby needs when you leave her/him behind.
I was even surprised by the numbers that I found on I have always told my peers that it was an ounce per hour and that breastmilk changes to the baby's needs. This is true. However, I did not know that between 7-11 months babies are actually eating about 30 oz. (Maybe because they are getting so active?) Babies between 11 months and 2 years only consume/need 14-19 ounces!!! Only 10-12 oz per day for a 2-3 year old! offers a pumping calculator to determine how much milk to leave behind, but I can assure you, an ounce per hour the first year of life, should be fine for your baby.
Make sure your caregiver knows the importance of using super slow flow nipples, Stopping often to burp, avoiding using bottle the instant a baby seems upset and have them try to soothe other ways besides giving a bottle of milk.

We switched topics to pumping and dumping. New research shows that it is not necessary. Pumping and dumping does not fasten the amount of time that alcohol will leave your body. If you are sober enough to drive and neurologically normal. Consuming two or more drinks may inhibit a let-down and could inhibit milk production and volume. We didn't really touch on medications and breastfeeding but has a chart of all approved medications.

We moved into how to use pumping as a way to increase supply. We talked about power pumping, weekend nurse ins and breast massage.
We suggested pumping early in the morning when hormone levels are the highest. Possibly checking tubing and flange size. I also pumped one breast while feeding Z on the other. I had it set up on the ottoman in his room, ready to go.

Our last topic was about oversupply and how to donate. Lots of moms during the chat have donated to friends and I can't tell you how much my heart sang! I didn't hear from any moms that jumped through the hoops of having their blood checked. Here is a link to information about milk banks.

Next week we will have Under Cover Mama as our sponsor....I was sent her product and I must say I REALLY like it!



Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you are doing this since I can't always make it to the chat!

De in D.C. said...

One thing about the ounce per hour rule. If your baby is sleeping 8hrs straight at night, they only have 16hrs of awake time in which to consume that 24oz. I find with my 5mo son, he goes through about 12oz in an 8hr period while I'm at work, which is consistent with his sleeping 8-9hrs using the above calculations.