Friday, August 13, 2010

99 Bottles of milk on the wall....

I laid in bed last nite while wonderful blog thoughts danced in my head. Smart, informative sentences beautifully executed.

Today, I am not in bed. I sit at work while Zealand hammers the play wood house.

Laurie Berkner sings loudly in my other ear.

I have moms to chat with it and of course Kingsley wants to get in the high chair to eat again.

But I did want to chat bottles and the WHO and the ever so present consumerism.

Lots of Moms complain about the WHO and it's anti-advertising bottles code.

First of all I want to explain that they are not somehow bashing moms who need to pump or have to pump. Pumping is NOT second best. Pumping is an equal and for those who have done it, know that it is MUCH harder and MUCH more time consuming.

As a pumping mom (I pumped exclusively for over 6 weeks with Zealand) I knew I needed a place to store the milk.
It was logical.
I knew I was going back to work.
I never second guessed that I would register for bottles....and I got tons.

Looking back, I really have no idea why I registered for so many, it was like I set myself up to fail almost.
But, my sister didn't breastfeed so I was only getting what she had suggested I get.
I happily breastfed Zealand for 8 months until I was given bad advice to wean.

Just like I did with our carseat, I went to my sister for advice.
She used "such and such" brand and therefore, so did I.

Just like what our Grandparents did and their parents...we looked to our friends and family for advice.

Consumerism has taken control of our televisions and life. A one hour show has over 20 minutes of commercials!

Do you think that if commercials did not influence what you buy, that they would still exist?

Have you seen a commercial saying "We're second best"?

All commercials state that their product is the one that YOU want!

If you think you are in control you aren't! Studies show otherwise.

Therefore, why should there be commercials? If you really want to know what bottle is "most like breast".



If you plan to feed your child with something that will take up so much of your day, your first year, why would you not research it?

Why would you take some big companies word for it?

We all know that ads wouldn't lie to you....


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