Monday, August 16, 2010

August 19th #BfCafe with Motherlove

This week our monthly sponsor Motherlove is wanting to talk support.
With a company that is so big, they don't even want to talk about themselves because they know it's all about the support!
Did you know that Motherlove is a family-run business? Mother and daughter? Talk about a Mother's Love!!

OK this week we are going to talk nursing strikes vs weaning again.
This is a huge topic that I think we should address again, mostly because I have seen tweets about Mamas in distress.

I can handle mastitis or massive yeast causing mother-led weaning but when a mom takes a nursing strike and gets confused with baby-led weaning IT breaks my heart!

So let's talk the differences in the two, what to look for, what could cause it
and average weaning age!

Take a look at Motherlove's great product section but also look at their amazing support system of books, links and faq.

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