Saturday, October 2, 2010


#BfCafe Sponsorship Information & Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in supporting moms in making the decision to breastfeed.

Below is the details of #Bfcafe

What: A weekly twitter chat that brings in roughly 150 tweeters (around the world) and 1000 tweets by using the hash #BfCafe. You can see last week’s chat by clicking here: it will give you stats as well as the transcript.

Who: @zealandsmom tweeting a topic of choice directly related to breastfeeding and your product. Your product should be WHO code compliant and your tweets should be medically factual should you be providing breastfeeding information. A post with an RSVP link will be on my blog “There’s No Snakes in New Zealand” the Monday before your chat.

Where: Twitter. I prefer to use tweetgrid which is set up like tweetdeck. Others care to use tweetchat which is similar in streaming like twitter. By using the hash #BfCafe your tweets will show up in a stream of other #BfCafe tweets, making a “chat room”of women talking about breastfeeding.

When: Thursday nights at 10pm EST

How: I am currently charging $50 for a sponsorship. This price includes my time working on getting your topic and post up. I include information about your product and how it directly affected me or could have possibly helped me, in my current nursing situation. I am now, also asking for a product to “test” along with the payment. I think this will be a great asset in our relationship and will help me further promote your product amongst my friends and breastfeeding circle. I will place your button (that you send to me) on my blog for one month, as advertising to the many moms that come and seek breastfeeding information. For a small fee of $25 I will include a year of such advertising! I will also, compile the winners into an easy to use spreadsheet for shipping. The spreadsheet will arrive in your email the Monday after your chat, considering all winners have filled out the form. I will tweet your RSVP link numerous times throughout the week and market your product to the best that the chat will allow, on the night you are sponsoring. Remembering that the chat is always an open forum to discuss all issues that may arise, and to give support wherever needed. Winners may be from numerous countries, I will need to be advised ahead of time, if there are any restrictions on shipping.
I will need the payment, the product and any information you think imperative that I post, two full weeks before your chat, so that I have time for a fill-in if in case you have a last minute schedule conflict. Payment should be sent via check or paypal. Payment becomes a binding contract that you are complying with this informational document.
If you want to be the sole sponsor for your product that may have competition, you may, by adding an additional $100. This will ensure that any product that is identical in use as yours, will not be marketed by me during #BfCafe.

Should you have any questions please email me at

Once again, thank you for your support!

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