Friday, January 7, 2011


2010 was not my best year.....but I sure had a good one.

I know, I have been neglecting my followers and fellow online friends but after turning off the internet (due to a local monopoly and ridiculous price gouging) I have been super M.I.A.
I'd love to recap 2010 and say goodbye. I'm really looking forward to 2011 and sharing with you success and happiness!

January- Christian had just lost his job in December and we had just been declined re-admittance into the Coast Guard. We just started the hiring process with the Sherrif's office, so we decided to up and move ASAP.
Moving now places us near family!!

February- We signed a lease with my sister's MIL (soon to be ex..Thank GOD) and she rented us a house with promises to fix NUMEROUS things. Tiffany (my sister) and I started looking at spaces to rent for a store to open.
Being short on $, we luckily had to pay NO deposit! LUCKY!

March- Christian started training. Toby my beloved dog, ran away (never to come home).
We start painting our new store!!

April- I opened up my playroom.
Business was great.

May- July Great business...repetitive days!
Get to meet some GREAT friends!!

August- My sister's husband of 14 years has an affair and all things fall apart. Business starts to dwindle, bad energies and fights amongst families begin.

September- More drama. More sad, tearful days. Energies are depleted and very depressed.

October-Christian graduates from the academy. His mom comes to visit. Decision to put new, fresh, positive energy into my store starts.

November- Business starts to pick up again..slowly. We do however become behind in rent. My sister although still beyond depressed, starts to pick up pieces.

December- Drama commences again with sister's bat-shit crazy MIL (never really ended). My beloved other dog is killed by car...
yet Christmas ends the year with an amazing dinner with BOTH Great-Grandmother's by my children's side.

So....2011 will bring new found happiness and peace for us all. My husband will soon be on his own at work. My business, will either bloom or die....but regardless I have met some wonderful, caring local moms, dads and grandmas!

Here is to YOUR 2011...may you have wonderful goals and dreams and may they all be fulfilled!

I love you all! Thanks so much for your love and support!

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