Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Breastfeeding a toddler

I know there is alot of support out there for us "toddler nursers"....but where is the real support in every day life?
Yes, Kingsley is walking. And talking.
And yes, she likes to scream "bewbie" when she wants it.
I decided the moment we knew she was coming, that I would let her decide, I am even comfortable with my decision. I just feel like I need some kind of speech prepared when she asks loudly, in the middle of a show at Disney World...When I'm not always prepared to undress or sitting next to a smelly man.
Do, I remind her that "now's not the place" or do I wiggle the girlies out to nurse?
Is there an age where she should wait? I mean, they are made for HER...and technically she uses them more than I do.

I'd love to hear your thoughts and opinions.


simone/ thebubbledies said...

We just stopped breastfeeding our son in December, he was 28 months. Since it was conscious for us, I had started to cut him down to only one feeding a day. He showed no indication of ever wanting to stop breastfeeding and honestly, I was just done and wanted a break before I got pregnant again. In any case, to your question. We live in a very open breastfeeding environment, so I was breastfeeding him when it was easy for me to do so in public. Now, if it wasn't convenient (e.g. I'm pushing a grocery cart, my son doesn't think the Ergo is cool anymore, so he is sitting in the front of the cart with his hand down my shirt yelling 'Mommy - boob!!') then no, there will be no breastfeeding. For us that was more of a parenting choice. Yes we continued to breastfeed till he was 28 months, but it was on my terms at a certain point not his. It was important to me that he understood that he could still breastfeed to soothe, but that it would not always be an option and that he learn other methods.

Pamela said...

My third stopped nursing when he was one week shy of two years old. I was about six months pregnant with my fourth babe, and was having some serious antenatal depression, so it was really okay with me.

My fourth turns two on Monday, and that kid is SUPER attached to the bewbies, as in WOULD NURSE 24 HOURS A DAY if I let him. Gah.

I am teaching him to ask nicely, and to not rip my shirt/sweater/whatever open. He's not allowed to even touch the buttons or zippers, because he instantly turns into a frat boy. So he points, and says "Nussin? One?" and then we proceed.

And for the record, I will *TOTALLY* NIP my 2 year old, in a sling or not. Especially if people are looking pissy.