Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A fresh start to #BfCafe

Pardon me as I blow dust off the keyboard....

As some of you may know, I took a month off to spend some quality time with my family and gather fantastic sponsors for our 2nd year of #BfCafe.

I did manage to spend the time with my family and even headed to bed before midnight, 85% of the month!

I spent a considerable time thinking up new sponsors and following some leads....but as the month progressed, I found that my lack of internet time, caused me to miss some perspective tweets and emails...and the days turned into weeks.

I want this chat to be able to help women so incredibly bad and I know I have the passion and the compassion to share it....what I don't have is the time nor the energy to really give what I believe the nursing mom I want to give #BfCafe a fresh start with a fresh face and fresh perspectives!

Meet Katy.
Katy is the owner and blogger for The Stylin' Momma.
She is currently nursing her 26 month old daughter and nursed her oldest daughter for 40ish months.
She has charisma and she has a passion.

Katy will run the weekly posts and advice from her blog here and will take over the facebook page.

Here what Katy would like you to know about her:

As a mom, I started following the #bfcafe twitter chats from the beginning. The time of the chats didn't work for our family for a while, but I would catch up and interject when I could. When our schedules changed and Thursday evenings were free again for me, I started joining in. I love meeting and chatting with the moms and learning from each other. Support for moms is so important.

I am a mother to mother breastfeeding support person, and I am passionate about helping moms. My blog and website are mom focused. I want to help other moms know that they can reach their goals, they are amazing women, they are still beautiful, and they can be great moms in the process. I love the community that is found on twitter, and it is my hope to help foster the breastfeeding community by continuing the #bfcafe chats.

I will track the hashtag outside of chat times, and you can always reach out if you need support at other times! I can't wait to get to know everyone and chat with you all more regularly!

I am still around...please feel free to email me or tweet me if you have any questions or concerns!
I will still be popping into chats and maybe even entering to win some stuff myself ;)

I have loved getting to know you and love being able to say that maybe I was a part in your breastfeeding success!

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Katy said...

Thanks for the great intro. I am so excited to be receiving the torch from you. I am also excited to get to know the other #bfcafe moms better and be able to help moms all over the Twitterverse. :) Yay for keeping #bfcafe going!