Wednesday, March 31, 2010

April 1st #BfCafe sponsored by PumpEase

This week will will talk about the dreaded "going back to work".
We will talk about having success while pumping!!
I pumped with Zealand for almost Align Center2 whole months before I was officially diagnosed for thrush. I had no idea why the pain was literally bringing tears to my eyes! Lucky for me I got the hang of my pump quite quickly and effectively before I had to head back to work.
I hated having to pump immediately before or once I got back home. I worked as bartender in a 5 star hotel and didn't have much time to pump while at work. I used a PumpEase to pump while driving to and from work! (Disclaimer: This might not be a good idea for you, personally). I also had to wear a button down shirt and a vest, so using the PumpEase at work was so much easier than other pumping bras that require you take your clothes off to put the bra on. And PumpEase has THE most adorable fabrics, which makes you feel nice seeing as you're connected to a machine:)

This week will will talk about how much milk you need to leave behind, how to feed your baby pumped milk and how to get the most milk you can possible while pumping.
So bring your questions or your advice because this topic is a popular one!

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