Thursday, April 1, 2010

Meet Randall- Sock Monkey Review and Pattern!

I was browsing through a local news publication recently when an article about a local artist caught my eye. Her name is Natalie Bishop, the creator/owner/designer behind Get Stuffed, and she makes sock monkeys. These adorable, cuddly works of art are each made by Natalie at her home. "Each signed, dated and numbered Get Stuffed critter is designed without pattern or plan. With only a pile of socks, felt, buttons, and a tiny purple sewing machine, they are meticulously handcrafted, letting the materials tell me how the critter wants to be created. It is in this way that each one is brought to life with a personality as unique as your own."

I went to see Natalie and her monkeys at Art Under The Oaks (a local artist venue) and my DH and I fell in love with Randall. Luckily, Natalie accepted our adoption application and we were able to take Randall home with us. He is sooooo soft. Randall's tag says that he loves nature and enjoys hiking (notice his cute shoes!) and his favorite food is Waldorf Salad. He's fitting in quite well at our house :)
Natalie puts so much love into each and every monkey she makes that they can be returned for a full refund at any time because she would rather take them back than have them living in a closet somewhere. Natalie also offers a "clinic" for free repair in case something happens to your new best friend. Natalie's cute critters are made for adult collectors at this time but she is looking into making kid friendly ones too. Custom orders are also welcome. Join Natalie and Get Stuffed on Facebook!

Although Natalie's sock monkeys are each created without pattern or plan, she was thoughtful enough to provide me with a pattern to give to all our readers so you crafty mamas and papas can make your own monkeys! Or if you want to buy one from Natalie, contact her at


Andrea Kruse said...

Could you post or email a pdf? Not sure how to enlarge from that. They look fabulous though and I would love to try making one.


Anonymous said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................