Monday, May 16, 2011

Disney advice

I doubt Disney reads my blog but I have a piece of advice for them and 3 pieces for you!
(short and sweet and to the point)
Let's get them out of the way ......
I think its safe to say that a least 50% of their phone calls for resort reservations have children involved...right?
So, why OH why is their phone system VOICE activated?
So that each and every time I call, "they" can't process "that" request.
So, Disney, how about the first thing you ask your callers is if they would prefer touch or voice answers....cause I would really appreciate it. Since all moms know that no matter what, kids don't have a thing to say (or scream) until we get on the phone!! on to advice for you. (Take it or leave it!)
On a mom board I saw someone searching out advice for Disney with toddlers and I saw many replies that begged the mom NOT to do it!
Totally DO IT!

Here is 3 things I say will help with the trip:
Bubbles and lollipops.
They are amazing to waste away the minutes while you are waiting in line.
Snacks and drinks.
Pack a cooler. Yes you CAN! Bring all their favorites. AND if you need a drink you can get FREE ice water anywhere!
Mark your stroller.
I swear everyone has the SAME stroller as you. AND they actually pay employees to keep the stroller area neat and tidy, which means they move strollers ALL over the place. So bring a bright cup for the cup holder OR buy an awesome Mickey balloon from Dollar Tree and tie it on!
(That's a double tip...thank me later)

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