Sunday, August 28, 2011

Forever and a day

It's been forever and a day.
It sure feels like it anyway.
Both the kids are potty I don't have any cloth diaper news to give.
Kingsley has finally I don't have any boobie news either!

I moved my shop (Peace Love Play) to a new location and it is doing AMAZINGLY well.

Zealand started pre-school last week and has already told me numerous times how much he loves his teacher....oh boy!

We stay busy that is for sure. Every extra penny I make goes towards the extras that I give the kids. Mostly trips to Disney and stays at the beach....we also have a Disney cruise we paid for, for next May!

I'm actively involved with a new church now, that my kids and I love.

My husband loves his job (as much as anyone can love a job, i guess).

And that's it!

I'll be posting on things in the future about how we will pack healthy lunches, how we feel about some of the pressures and rules of pre-school and of course Disney (tips of the trade, I guess you could say!)

I hope to stay in touch more now that my store has moved and now that I've established a more regular bed-time routine for the kids and I hope you stick around and leave feedback so I don't feel like I'm talking to myself!!

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Erica said...

I love your blog, you've got great tips!

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