Monday, July 13, 2009

day 1 of my diet.....UGH!

So, you know the ole' saying "If you don't have anything nice to say...don't say anything?" I feel that way today about food. If you don't have anything healthy to eat, just don't eat anything!
I never really eat breakfast anyway, so it was no biggie to skip. I just drank a Diet Coke instead. I managed to put both the babies down for a nap at the same time and I literally ran to my own bed and jumped in. No phone calls, no UPS guy ringing the door bell, no Jack Russel's barking at birds.....just sweet peaceful sleep. 2 hours of peaceful sleep.

I woke and got the kiddos dressed and out the door to head to Winn-Dixie....not my grocer of choice, but closest to our house. I actually put on a REALLY cute outfit! I think, the thought of losing weight has sunk in and I'm ready to go! For the majority of you, I normally wear "new school" Birkenstocks. (I have 3 pair, hot pink between the toes, white with one strap across the toes, and shiny silver 3 straps). Anywho, back to the grocery shopping...... I knew I was going to start the 8 week "Body after Baby" challenge with a 2 week Atkin's diet, to get the weight dropping. So, I scoured the meat, cheese and egg sections. I bought $135 worth of MEAT!! Geez!

I had a late lunch of scrambled eggs with salsa and bacon. Dinner was a spinach salad with egg whites, crumbled bacon, mozzarella cheese topped with honey mustard. Chicken tenderloins with bacon and mozzarella cheese (similar to Outback's Alice Spring Chicken). Dessert was sugar free strawberry jello topped with cool whip.


Maybe tomorrow, I'll work out...seeing as I got in my new win "Chicks and Chickens" workout DVD today compliments of Things Moms Like!! (Thanks again)

Also, in the mail was Mary Kaye's newest CD, that I won from Brimful Curiosities, called Music Box. The CD, is definitely not completely professional sounding but Zealand didn't know the difference and danced till he dropped;)

I'm late to the cloth diaper chat....gotta go!


Jess said...

lol ya I weigh more now than ever b4 even while pg :P so you go girl!

Jen said...

Glad you were able to do so well today:) Working out along with changing how you eat will help those pounds just shed off. Plus, working out will tone so you don't get loose skin:) Keep it up... I know you can!! AND, I am going to tell Zealand he can't share with mommy!!!

srr said...

sounds like a great day!! my keyboard is giving me heck, so ill write more later :)