Sunday, July 12, 2009

a day at the beach

A wonderful day, for the most part! DH let me sleep in till 1pm! I had gotten up at 7:30 am to nurse and play with the babies for about an hourish. Then DH took both babies to the hardware store and by the time he got home it was their nap time. So, I woke up, once their morning naps were over:) A vicious cycle really because now tonight I will not want to go to sleep, again staying up late to tweet and enter contests and then tomorrow I will want to shoot myself for staying up late! UGH

I packed a cooler of sodas and rice krispy treats and we headed over to Jekyll Island for a quick play at the park and dip our feet in the ocean. Zealand and I played with his new "Echo Mic"...equally fun for me and only $3.00 at Target!

Directly across the street is the beach, so we drove over and Kingsley got her first dip in the ocean!! I didn't plan to get wet, so no one had bathing suits (we looked like such tourists) because Zealand has always hated the sand and water! This time, I kept on his shoes, and as you can see...he loved it! As we, were heading back to the car, he took a detour to chase the birds.
I had DH stop at Taco Bell on the way home as tomorrow I am starting the "Body after Baby" challenge. I am currently 147 on a 5'1'' frame. This is the heaviest, non-pregnant, I have ever been and I look forward to my super hot body back;)
I'm gonna leave you with some beach pics and go raid the cupboards before midnight!!


Betsy Knight said...

Fun Day!!! Good luck with the body after baby challenge. I need to exercise too so feel free to call me to go for walks and stuff!

Kristen said...

So you're a Georgia gal? Me too. I love the pics! Good luck with the challenge. I'm gonna have to work really hard to stick to it.