Friday, July 17, 2009

Stranger Danger

DH is applying for the sheriff's office down in Tampa where my brother-in-law works. He;s been doing some training to pass the physical he will have to do, to get it. Yesterday in the scalding Georgia heat, he attempted the 1.5 mile run in under 15 minutes. Well, he came stumbling through the door, whispering "somethings not right" and tripping over his own feet. i quickly helped him to the bed, took off his socks and shoe and wet a hand towel and placed it on his chest. I was worried! Scared out of my mind really. He made it out of his daze and went out running again tonight. I'll be glad when this is all over. This is traumatic for his 6'1'', 155 pound body. I'd love to have that BMI!But hey thanks to the body after baby challenge hosted by mama notes...I'll be in that bikini soon enough! I've actually lost about 4 pounds since Monday! Yippee!

We headed to the beach at about 4pm to get some family time in, when the sun isn't so fierce. I'm pretty sure I have a sign on my body somewhere, that says "please come and talk my ear off" but I thought I only wore it at Wal-mart! Nope, must've put it on today because some lady who shouldn't have been in a bikini top brought over her 2.5 year old twins and staying for the duration. As her kids piled my body with mud, and splashed Kingsley's face with water, she talked and talked and talked. And DH, just sat and smirked, knowing, I have the curse of the stranger danger!I'd love to hear your stranger danger stories....surely I'm not the only one!

On a brighter note: I've gotten some amazing replies from some wonderful companies about doing some reviews and giveaways for you gals that read:) Hopefully by spreading the love of my blog, I can get some bigger numbers and bring you huge products!

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Night Owl Mama said...

NOt sure if you made it by to comment from the tweet but I thought I'd come by to see your blog.

Wow dh is really dedicated that is wonderful. Hurray for loosing 4 lbs wtg! keep up the good work.
hurray for giveaways I too wanted to get started so if they are in need of more Bloggers send them my info :)
STOP On by for a laugh
I heart comments thanks so much