Wednesday, July 15, 2009

what's the point of an appointment time....really?

So, I think we live within our means, I haven't worked since last October when I was 7 months pregnant. I never thought we could do it. I had alot saved and I cut our bills down quite a bit. Well, the funds are running out. Well, actually they are out! I'm borrowing money from credit cards, anticipating our move to Florida. I've been selling some stuff on ebay, but the summer is a slow season for sales, they say. I decided when I was pregnant to sign us up for WIC. Mostly because I needed insurance from Medicaid for my last 2 months of pregnancy. Now, we could live without the assistance and I know many would frown upon that but I have worked non-stop for 14 years, and I feel like I deserve the extra! Is that wrong? Especially when I believe that social security won't be around by the time I get there. No flames!

Well, the program is called Women Infant Children right? So, why do they schedule you an appointment time and then make you wait 3 hours? This is not just today, there are no excuses, this is EVERYTIME I go! Try explaining that to a pregnant woman, infant or child? It is impossible to pack enough snacks, juice or toys! Not to mention that almost every single employee has no idea what they are doing. They messed up my paperwork twice TODAY! It is a shot in the day, especially when they act super surprised that I am still breastfeeding my 6 month old and preceed to tell me, she should be on a sippy cup. Really? I think not. Thanks for your support! I shall pass!

An afternoon trip with just Z and me to Target to pick up some books for the birthday party tomorrow. I had no idea how expensive books were! They were like $16 a piece! Ludicrous I tell you!

But come tomorrow, I shall have fun news and lots of pics of our 1st trip to Chuck E Cheese!! Wish me luck and sanity, oh and muffled ears:)


ShaRhonda said...

Books are expensive! I have been fortunate enough to find some really great ones at dollar general and dollar tree though and was able to take the $1 or $3 sticker off!

srr said...

eww. i hate that they were surprised youre still breastfeeding. and sippy cup?!?? what? another place that has no idea how to keep appointments? my ob's office. frick, that was irritating, especially at the end of my pregnancy, going in every 2 weeks or once a week... sometimes twice a week at the end when i was having non-stress and stress tests. buh! i spent so much time in that waiting room i almost started redecorating!

Jess said...

I am really surprised by everyones WIC!!!! My Wic encourages breastfeeding like no other! I had the later sit & lecture me on breastfeeding & how great it is & how the world wide pediatric something or other recommends you nurse till they are 2! I LOVED my wic oh & our appts were really quick!

Calley said...

My mom asked me today how long Lil' B was going to bfeed! Well... her brother nursed for a year mom...remember? I would hope she would make it just the same. More people are supportive this go around...but I still get the crazy questions. PS...Lil' B has tried a sippy and loves it (Nuby - BPA-free). We fill it with water for the occassional snack with dinner especially when we're out.

Mrs Mommy said...

6mnths, really? WOW I am going to at least a year, maybe 2. We will see how we are both feeling about it come the 1.5 yr mark. Glad you are getting the help you need!

Night Owl Mama said...

no kidding they need to read the handbook for keeping children on breast milk for a yr
smile nod tell them what they want to hear except your coupons see u next month worked 4 me :)