Saturday, September 12, 2009

Gifts for Christmas

Yes, I mentioned Christmas the second week of September. I'm an early shopper and already done for both my babies! So far I won a book for my Dad for Christmas and a Wizards of Waverly place DVD for my niece. We do 3 presents per person.....if 3 was good enough for baby Jesus, it is good enough for us! (although I can't afford gold and have no idea really what the 2 other things J got) So I need to WIN this year's presents. If you see a good giveaway for my 8 year old niece or my 10 year old nephew....holla at me! Comment here or tweet at me @zealandsmom
I have 3 months to win them and have them shipped here.......I have some work to do!


Frenchell said...

yoouuuuu are so good! I have been thinking about Christmas lately and what i am getting everyone. Personally i love the rush of the "day after thanksgiving sale" makes me feel powerful. But i like to get the things i am going to "make" out of the way before then

Beth said...

I just got goosebumps!! 3 for Jesus 3 good enough for us!! wow I love it LOVE IT. Hey, stop by my blog and see if there are any giveaways your interested in. Happy Monday

sunnymum said...

Boys are hard to buy for! I'm trying to find something for my 17 yr-old nephew. My SIL says just give him cash, but I cringe at the thought!
I saw some good gifts for younger kids over at for their "let's hear it for the boys" event.

zealandsmom said...

Thanks Sunnymum. She does have great giveaways...with lots of entries too:( Gotta keep plugging away!