Saturday, September 12, 2009

Spoon Sisters review and coupon code

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I'm super sad for you my readers that I cannot offer you a giveaway from this amazing site. Spoon Sisters' motto is great gifts opening everywhere! They have totally tubular (ha, I have wanted to use that word) gifts and gadgets! Lots of stuff can be purchased for under $20.
I purchased the I'm nuts about you keychain and the brownie pan for Christian for presents in the last few years. He LOVES them and USES them both.

I was sent the ABC ice cube trays that as you can see have multiple uses. They also have trays with all of one number, I wish they had one with all one letter.....maybe I should keep looking, they have so much, they just may!

I love the band-aids for Zealand and they also have tons others that are equally if not cuter! I love to get lots of plastic plates for the kiddos, to keep meal time fun....honestly I wanna play with this Face plate!

I would totally get this alarm clock that runs away from you, if Christian wasn't so deaf and it would be ME chasing all over the room for it. This would be a great gift for those zombie like teenagers!

Spoon sisters HAS however given you my readers a coupon code for 10% off till September 26th!
So dive in!
Use this code

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sunnymum said...

The face plates look like a lot of fun!