Monday, October 26, 2009

I'm no circus monkey! I guess I have some followers that actually like what I write? Humph. So I'm what, supposed to fill your brains with my witty words, am I? Dance around and shake my ass for you?

Well, I think I bit off more than I can chew with Zealand's 2nd birthday bonanza. It looks like it is gonna be a blast and a my mind. In the real world, I have lists about lists of shit to do. Went to the dreaded Dollar Tree today. Talk about a time warp! On top of "How the hell did I just spend that much?.....Isn't this stuff supposed to be a dollar per item?" "Oh, really? I really just bought 45 things?" "Thanks for recounting for me.....I'll get the hell out now."

I painted two boxes today for the party while the kids played in the garage with things they shouldn't have been playing with, cause that is how I roll. And, no Mom, they didn't have clothes on and no, I didn't clean them up before we went out to eat Mexican food for lunch nor before dragging them all around town. A baby with enchilada sauce on her face, IS precious in some parts of the world! At least she had shoes on!

So, I'm off to hot glue some of the thousands of Diet Coke bottles I consumed over the weekend, so Zealand can have a ring toss game at his party. It was hard work let me tell you. Yummy, caffeinated, aspartame filled HARD work.....but hey I'm the MOM, I gotta do what I gotta do.

Show is over!


bekki1820cb said...

ur funny!
love it!
hope zealand has a great birthday!

Betsy Knight said...

Not only did K have shoes on, I'm sure they were adorable and matched her outfit (and the enchilada sauce) perfectly!! :P