Sunday, November 29, 2009

The infamous RASH (Ruby Pinwheels review)

If you really know me and follow me on twitter...then you know I have been dealing with rash. Lots and lots of diaper rash. I assumed it was yeast when it was just on Zealand and we dealt with it appropriately with Nystatin creams and Bourdeaux. It got worse each time he had a bowel movement. I had been told by a pharmacist friend to mix equal parts nystatin cream, mylanta (or Maalox) and Desitin. I mixed it up and slathered it on. Only to find out that Desitin creamy isn't even approved for baby's skin per @thesmartmama. You will have to ask her all the details but I totally trust her on being green, cause that is her thing! I took Zealand to the Pediatrician, where we were told bacteria. We were given bactriban orally and topically. At this point, Kingsley's rash was just starting to surface. NOONE told me not to bathe them together....never even thought about it, ya know! Kingsley followed in to the Pediatrician the next week or two after I couldn't clear that up.
Both rashes cleared and I was thankful for about 7 days.
Kingsley's came back with a vengeance.
I tried ALL of the following: Nystatin cream, the homemade triple cream, liquid acidophilus, coconut oil, Dr. Smith's diaper cream, Tea Tree Oil (in baths, laundry and even dabbed directly on spots) Grapefruit seed extract (in wipe mix and in sippy cups), Vinegar (also in baths and in wipe mix and laundry). I bleached the diapers and changed detergents numerous times.
At simultaneous times, I was given the opportunity to chose a product from Ruby Pinwheels to review while I was working with a "Rash Specialist"
(I will talk about her in a later post if anyone is interested).
The "RS" said they ONLY cream she recommends is the Earth Mama Angel Baby Bottom Balm. that the others contain zinc which is just a barrier. She works closely with the CDC on testing baby products and the ingredients that are used in them.
I talked to her via email and then phone! (She called me!)
Kingsley was put back on the prescription cream Bactriban with directions to apply 2x a day for 7 days. ALL 7 days. If it gets worse, then we will attempt oral medications but the WHOLE reason, I went to such extremes with the organic and holistic remedies was I did not want to her to have oral antibiotics. We also switched to Earth Mama Angel Baby cream to use on all other changes and we switched to disposable diapers.
We made the switch on Thursday.
Today is Sunday.
I'm not a gambler....only because I hate to lose....but I am pretty confident that Earth Mama Angel Baby cream had something to do with it!
Ruby Pinwheels sells all organic, so you know you can trust what you get from them, starting with Earth Mama Angel Baby products.
I don't want to shop somewhere that sells bad products mixed in with good ones because it makes money...I wanna shop somewhere that sells only good products because they believe in them and they care what I put on MY baby.

Right now Ruby Pinwheels has 20% off their site....probably won't last long!
Use code: Thanks20

(what a perfect coupon code because I so THANKFUL for this product!)



Snug N Luv said...

Woohoo. My Little Love has a terrible rash right now. It has to do with teething for her. Poor Little Sweetie!

Thanks for the info.

brenna said...

I love, love, love Earth Mama Angel Baby's products. I don't know how many friends have told me that the bottom balm is the only thing that works for their little ones (after I introduce it to them of course). Plus knowing how safe it is for your baby's skin is so important!

I am so glad the rashes are clearing up. I know how horrible that can be!

Jennifer said...

I am also glad that the rash is gone. I hate rashes because even the doctor can't 100% diagnose them, it is always "well, I think it is this so let's try this". UGH!
Thanks for posting about this, now I know what to buy the next time mine starts to get rashy.

lauren said...

I am SO glad to hear that K and Z have happy hineys again! I know this is a battle you have Won!

Bobbi Janay @When did I go from a kid to a grown up? said...

I haven't got to try this yet maybe I should try it on Ian's tush.

Mrs Mommy said...

I am so freaking glad the rashes are gone! You poor thing! I can't believe you had to go through so much! HUGS!

Julie Bonn Heath, Marketing and PR said...

Wow! What a great experience! We at Ruby Pinwheels are also so happy that the cream worked so well for your little ones. There is little more miserable than a rash that will not go away. Thanks for mentioning our sale too. The Thanks20 code will work through Monday!

Kenzi @Mackland Diaries said...

Well I'm not too into organic/all natural anymore. But I love my triple paste, it's the best I have found, but I will keep this in mind if I need it again.

Pamela said...

have you/will you post about the getting rid of ammonia with rockin' green? that was you, right? i have a friend who has a terrible ammonia problem, and bought some rockin green to try to fix it. kthxbai and also xoxo.

Jaime said...

I'm interested in hearing about the rash specialist. I haven't tried your recommendations on Charlie's rash yet. It still comes and goes so I'm not 100% sure what is causing it either. (@thelightsgodown on twitter)

GirlHouse said...

I'd like to hear about the RS.
Also how you got rid of the ammonia you were dealing with.
Did you switch to disposables because Angel Baby isn't CD friendly?

John Papola said...

I am SO relieved for you and your WEE ones! I have seen this product before and I'm certain it's got quality ingredients. THANK GOODNESS THEY INVENTED IT! I love the idea of a RS - kinda cute. xoxo, lisa (not john)

Emi said...

So happy to hear it cleared! What a crazy battle for you, but it looks like you learned a lot and other mamas will be thankful to get advice from you! I hear you on the not knowing if it was 100% one thing or another, that's what it was like with my DD's rash and I stopped using Charlie Soap while applying treatments and don't want to use it now, because although it might not have been the cause it was one of the things I switched when it cleared. I will have to look into this cream!

Holly Noelle @ Domestic Dork said...

We've been really lucky in avoiding rash. Sorry your luck hasn''t been the same. :(

Nikki said...

Glad it cleared up! Is the bottom balm cloth diaper friendly?

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