Monday, November 30, 2009

Stripping diapers 101 from The Rash Specialist aka Dani from Baby Cotton Bottoms she might not have the name tag that says Rash Specialist and she may even laugh knowing that I call her that but she holds a mean grudge against rashes. She takes a no holds bar approach and is FIRM about how to rid babies of their rashes.
Danika on twitter had heard my exasperated attempts at trying to clear Kingsley's rash..only for it to come back with bells on. She recommended that I contact Dani, (Baby Cotton Bottoms) through her online contact form on her website. I was semi-familiar with her site since I was "owl-hunting" on it for the Great Cloth Diaper Hunt, just a few weeks prior. Dani immediately responded and fired off LOTS of questions.....are you sure it's yeast? Has it been tested? What diapers are you using? What have you tried? She informed me that if it was bacteria and I was treated it as yeast, that I was in fact FEEDING the bacteria and visa versa.

She informed me that vinegar does not feeds.
Dr. Smith's which is zinc-based has boric acid. DRYING out the rash but not curing it.
The TTO...I was using? Could have been killing her natural womanly flora since I was adding it to bath water....and we know where the water goes;)
She recommends Earth Mama Angel Baby Bottoms Balm.

So, these emails are shot back to back quickly and VERY detailed. She even asks if she can CALL me!
(The day BEFORE Thanksgiving!!)

Now, Dani, is working closely with the CDC in Atlanta because she is writing a book! She called out a few detergent products, which I will NOT name but I will list what she DOES recommend. AND because Kingsley is now rash free, I trust her.

She likes Allen's,
Bum Genius (which is a country save partnership)
the new Thirsties (which has the anti-bacterial agent)

Lots of detergents are new or haven't been tested enough or are simply NOT cleaning the diapers the right way.

She asked about how I was storing dirty diapers, liners and wipes? If I had attempted sterilizing changing pad covers, blankets and washcloths? Bacteria LIVES! And I never thought that one tiny bad bacteria could be living in her changing pad cover or a cloth liner!

Now we move to stripping.
All but your PUL covers
Like you would boil pasta....10 minutes
then dump in washer add detergent and wash.

Using one of the 3 detergents above use 1 scoop and add 1/4 cup of chlorine bleach wash on your HOTTEST water that your thermostat has.
Then repeat.
1st time takes a layer off the fungus...2nd time KILLS it.
Then rinse rinse rinse. Till they smell like cloth again!
Make sure you don't overfill the washer. Give them room to float around.

Don't forget using a NON-RESIDUE detergent is the way to go. Choosing the wrong detergent, may cause the process to fail.

This should clear up all ammonia issues as well, I assume, for those JUST battling that issue!

Till December 2nd Baby Cotton Bottoms has FREE shipping on everything in store by using HOLIDAY as your coupon code.
So go grab one of these 3 detergents with FREE shipping
(you won't find that ANYWHERE!)
No minimum purchase required.

I know this should work for you too!


Emi said...

Beautiful. Don't you love when you get straight, confident answers for someone who knows their stuff?! I am glad Thirsties is on her list, because I just stocked up on it and LOVE it!

Bobbi Janay @When did I go from a kid to a grown up? said...

I just use a free and clear det., I hope it is okay.

Dani @ Baby Cotton Bottoms said...

Thank you kindly! And I am sure glad to hear her bum is clearing up. I DO take rashes personally. They keep me up at night. I am terribly at Twitter, though we do post there occasionally and bigger announcements make it there, but we are avid FaceBookers, so fan Baby Cotton Bottoms over there if you want to keep up on my rantings and reviews and sales. And you can always contact me or my staff through our site if you need help. And I LOVE "Rash Specialist". It's much better than names some have called me. ;)

Dani @ Baby Cotton Bottoms said...
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danikac said...

Yay! I'm so glad Dani was able to help. I've been thinking about you, hoping things were getting better.

Dani's quite a resource with a wealth of knowledge and truly dedicated to making cloth diapering successful. I tell people about her all the time...and not just because she's my friend :)

Mama Campbell said...

That's great! I'm glad she was able to help with such a plethora of suggestions to try! I would have never thought of the changing pad covers and blankets. duh! And thanks for the wealth of info you just posted too!

Dani @ Baby Cotton Bottoms said...

Hey all. I've been getting a lot of questions about bleaching diapers lately because of this, and I want to reiterate a few points. First, bleach will void many warranties and it isn't to be taken lightly. Only use in case of a real infection that you need to kill and know you may do some damage to your diapers. Rinse VERY well to make sure no bleach is left on the diapers before going back on baby. Second, boiling is only for prefolds and inserts and other things without PUL and elastic. Boiling will definitely damage elastic and will ruin some PULs. So please use care with these instructions. They are only for cases of serious infection.