Monday, January 18, 2010


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We are in the process of pre-moving. Christian has been trying to change careers for some time now. He used to be in the USCG but got out to go to school and use his GI Bill. Well, he got the degree he wanted and then tried to get back in the USCG. The process of re-enlisting was cumbersome. For over a year, we were told that he was getting back in. He had a whole physical and his entire record was scoured over. In the end, we were told that there just wasn't any room for him. (He is in a specialized field)

Our second choice, was for him to join the ranks in the Hillsborough Sheriff's Office. This is where my family lives and my brother-in-law has been actively working for 15 years! The time has come and we are days away from getting the call, that sends him to a two week physically grueling boot camp to ensure that is made of "what it takes" and is worthy or being paid to go through their academy.

We have taken 3 LARGE trailer fulls of stuff and have a storage unit packed to the rim. We have oh so much more life belongings left to move and realized that a good old fashioned U-Haul is in the future for us. The NEAR future! Please continue to pray for us as we pinch our pennies due to Christian losing his job, once they found out that he was interesting in career changing. We have moving expenses on top of new bills to set up. We have decided to give our house back to the bank. We have NO information on this and we are doing it with pretty sad hearts. If you have information or advice to give on foreclosures or deeds in lieu of....I would love to hear them.

The first week of March, I will be co-hosting a Spring Cleaning/Organizing event...more on that to come in future weeks.



BabeeLove said...

I'm so sorry to hear that you are giving your house back. We too had to make that tough decision BUT Congrats on the career move! I would suggest to work with a realtor on trying to short-sale your home. We ended up doing this. It took awhile for the approval process once when had an offer but it was finally done! It typically takes about 3mos but can take longer. A short sale is when you sell your home for less than what you owe. All you need is to price your home right according to the market, get an offer and the realtor deals with the bank. Which is where the waiting game comes in. Good Luck & Congrats!!

Tammy said...

Praying that it all works out for you, it's said leaving behind what you've built up, but just imagine what is in store for your future!

Elle Squared said...

As I read through your entries and get to know your blog, I'm amazed at how your life is pretty much mine in a couple years! LOL (And thanks for the Spring Cleaning event... Hence all the comments. I WANT that carpet cleaner! LOL)

My hubs is USMC, leaving this year, and then going back to school with a possible reenlistment after that.

Sorry to hear about your home :(