Wednesday, January 20, 2010

We're moving!

We got "the call". The call we having been waiting 2 years for. The call that moves us from our first home together to a new home near our family.
The call came today and Christian is needed on Monday. Monday through Wednesday is another Align Centerlie detector, psych test and a physical. January 8th will start his 2 week boot camp. Once he breezes through that, it ensures that he gets PAID to go through the academy. The academy starts on January 22nd.

It only makes sense to move this weekend. YES....this weekend. We have already taken 3 trailer loads down we are hoping to pick up the largest U-Haul they have tomorrow. (Where does this crap keep coming from?!)

I have friends here. Friends that finally share the same morals, goals and visions I have. Friends that I can call, if something happened. Friends that love me, for me.....not because I hang out with them at a bar and share cocktails.
Real friends. I'll be leaving the friend that delivered BOTH my babies! I'll be leaving the lactation consultant that I have seen religiously EVERY Tuesday since Zealand was 14 weeks old! I am leaving behind Zealand's Godmother who happens to be my best friend.
Kingsley has playmates....almost born on the exact day as she! Zealand has gymnastics and weekly McDonalds play with friends we made.

A quaint, sweet town. A great starter home. I will miss you Brunswick!


Pamela said...

I hope everything goes smoothly! I also hope your soap gets to you before you hit the road.

Good luck in your new home!

Melissa said...

At least there is a paycheck ahead!!

Mrs Mommy said...

I am beyond excited for you! That is so freaking exciting Danielle. I can't wait to see pics of your new place!!! Good Luck honey!

The Jacobsen Family! said...

Good luck with everything!! So exciting for you guys!

Elle Squared said...

As I am coming to this late ;), I can see everything went fine with the move. Sounds like your hubby has some great opportunities, so I hope all is going smoothly! :)