Monday, April 5, 2010

April 8th #BfCafe sponsored by Mother's Boutique

Mother's Boutique has THE products.
What exactly are THE products?
The products, that I use(d)and couldn't have done without!

I'll start with the Belly Bandit. I WISH I would have had this with Zealand. It was such a HUGE blessing to have with Kingsley. It made nursing at night so much easier and I was actually able to get out of bed (with help from Mr.Vicodin) much easier than after I had Zealand.

Product number two: Pump Ease Hands-Free breast pump bra. I literally wore this over my nursing bra but under a nursing cover while driving. Yes, I pumped while driving. But you know what? It was super easy, I was able to do it carefully because I never had to use my hands!

I think EVERYONE knows how much I love/adore/can't live without my Bravado essential nursing tank! I own 7 and I have worn one every single day since Kingsley was born, December of 2008!

What are your essential products?
Wanna come and chat with new and existing moms and tell them what you think they should have to help with their breastfeeding adventure?

A Mother's Boutique will be there and she is giving away 5 $25 gift certificates!
Which means you can purchase one of the 3 products I love and adore....
or find a new product on your own!

Winners will be chosen via from the numbers on the RSVP list.
You must RSVP to win.
Entry should look like this:
@(your twitter name)
Your link should be twitter name)



kailey2004 said...

I'm RSVP-ing thanks!


simplymerry said...

what time? or will this be announced?

Steph at Problem Solvin' Mom said...

I've hesitated to RSVP in the past because my nights are so unpredictable lately, so hopefully my teething little babe will nurse quietly during #bfcafe! :)

The Jacobsen Family! said...

Hopefully I'll make it this week!!

ashia said...

yay! i'm excited! =)

bctripletmom said...

I'll be there. What time? 8pm or 9pm CST???


urbangypsy said...


@msbabbleon :)