Wednesday, April 7, 2010


It feels like these past few months, I haven't talked about me or my family. I've been throwing advertisement after advertisement at you. 
You all know *should* know how busy I have been  trying to get me and my sister's new business off the ground. I am so scared that I've put all my hopes and dreams into something, that has the possibility of failing.
I am the person who would rather strike out (yes, baseball analogy) watching the ball, than to strike out swinging. 
Well, swinging would mean that I failed. No doubt about it, I swung and I missed, therefore, I AM TO BLAME.
NOW, if I watched that last strike go by....I could blame it on ANYTHING. Blame it on a bad umpire, blame it on the wind, or anything but myself.
Did I mention that already?
I quit everything I do before it quits me.
I never follow through with things, because then....I have to follow through!
 Passed my Real Estate License class....never took the State Exam.
3ish credits shy of my Business Management degree.
Opted for a c-section.
The list could go on. Really.
(Well, besides marriage and birthing babies!)
So join me as I start my new adventure, would you? 
Cause I need the cheering to keep me going :)



Jackie at 3littleones said...

good luck!! I hope everything works out - I just checked out your website - that looks awesome :)

fancygrlnancy said...

I am wishing you good luck! But I don't think you need it, I think you will do well!!

Ida Mae said...

I could have written you post, word for word.. I am about to begin the making of my own business by the support of my husband, and can I share a secret with you.. I AM SCARED TO DEATH. I am scared that I am going to fail, that this dream is going to fizzle and die.

So I wish you good luck. I took a peak at your website, it looks super professional and like some place I would bring my kid. You guys are going to do amazing!

~Ida Mae

The Eco Chic said...

Awe babe! Stick with will get there. It's not an overnite success kind of thing. I know you have to pay the bills and all so you have to make enough for that...but the rest will come!

How about referral credits. Bring a frined and you get one free play.

I'll keep thinking about ways to advertise for free! (Or cheap!)

XOXO! Your place is gorgeous and they will come...but it's going to have to be local peeps for the most part.

Laura said...

I just reviewed your Peace,Love and Play site. I would have loved to bring my kids to you when they were young--the unique classes, wooden toys, opportunities for all kinds of fantasy play, love it! I completely understand where you are coming from. (It took me 10 years and many revisions to self-publish Breastfeeding with Comfort and Joy.) I am sure you took the leap because people really liked your idea. Keep their positive feedback in your mind to remind you of why you are doing this and you will draw more of the same!
Have you contacted Denise Punger, MD,IBCLC and author Permission to Mother? She is in Ft. Pierce (nearly 3 hours from you but...she has many followers near and far-- someone found me in NY from reading her blog review of my book!). Her blog is

Cutie Pa Tutus said...

YOU CAN DO EEET!!! I promise, I know how scary it is!! But you can't get anywhere unless you try!! And sometimes even when you succeed, you still feel like you failed (email me if you want clarification on that obscure comment). Anyhoo....I'm totally rootin' for ya, mama!!!

Joan said...

You can do it. You are already there. Keep smiling and always look forward and never use the word "should" substitute "from now on" or "next time" to keep you looking forward.

helenlam said...
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