Monday, April 12, 2010

#BfCafe April 15th doudoubebe

doudoubebe as explained on their website:

little luxuries for mama & baby

In French, doudou means lovey or stuffed toy; doux also means soft. The name evokes both the fun and the luxury of our product line.

doudoubebe is the brainchild of a Toronto mom of two little ones. Our first baby had mountains and mountains of stuff. Most of the mountain was mass-market baby gear, much of it touted as a must-have. In reality, we found out very quickly that all a baby really needs is mama’s loving arms and our mountain grew dusty even as each new occasion made it higher.

I firmly believe that one on one contact with your child moments after they are born is more than just a wonderful feeling. Babies need skin contact and lots of hands on time with mother and breast throughout the first few weeks of life and more. Having your newborn listen to the beats of your heart, nursing on demand and having them close enough to smell the scent of milk helps with letdowns and getting a good nursing rhythm down.

doudoubebe has graciously offered us a moby wrap, a Hotsling Kid Pouch, an Heirloom Rattle & an Quease-Ease Lip Balm!!

Thursday we will talk about nursing on demand vs setting a schedule, kangaroo carries (especially with newborns), wearing your baby and nursing in a sling.

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