Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What happens when going green doesn't work?

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I love SO many things about being the best green I can be. I say "being the best green I can be" because I have flaws.

I love Diet Coke and Doritos, I sometimes forget my grocery store bags and I on occasion do not recycle every morsel of paper and/or plastic.

But what happens when you make a switch and it DOES NOT work? For example: I am not finding a deodorant that I feel comfortable wearing outside of my house. I tried, I made the switch but.....didn't work for me.

How about bug spray? I purchased (well Christian purchased) an all natural bug killer. Christian says it works BUT boy does it stink something fierce and he uses it like every other day! If it worked wouldn't the ants never come back? Or does it not work that way? I have NEVER had ant issues before we moved here.

I've switched almost everything else you can possibly think of besides food. I just can't bring myself to pay organic prices. I still use the occasional 1/4 cup of bleach and I have been known to use a squirt or two of hair spray.

I'm trying, I really am.
Sometimes it just might not fully work?



J said...

LOL I just posted about my latest green FAIL also :-) As for deodorant, I use the swiss crystal thingy and I really like it!

Bobbi Janay @When did I go from a kid to a grown up? said...

I am working on a greener life style but I won't comprise happiness for it.

Madison {Life Happens During Naptime} said...

I am definetely not all green, but I try to do my part.

We have a bug ant problem here every year, especially in summer. I keep a little dish of borax mixed in with honey near the door where they sneak it. It keeps them away from our food and kills them. Its not a permanent fix for us, but its better than spraying harmful pesticides around our babies.

Madison {Life Happens During Naptime} said...

Oops that should say big ant problem* and sneak in*. I suck at proofreading clearly.

Shannon said...

I tried the Tom's deodorant and I Hated it. For the ants, make Sure there are no trees or shrubs touching your house. Don't feel guilty about what you don't do and try to feel happy about what you do do to be green. I think your still probably doing more than most of the U.S. population. I stopped using shampoo 7 days ago. But I did that more for me than to be green LOL.

Pamela said...

Here's the thing: do what you can do. I like to be green, too, but I sweat like a freaking, I don't know, menopausal woman in a sauna. Or something. It's sticky, stinky pits or Dove. I go Dove every single time. No need to thank me for that.

Pamela said...

I meant no need to thank me for not stinking up the interwebs.

Misfit Momma aka Missy said...

I would drink pepsi and eat doritos everyday if I could afford it !

And sometimes , I purposely forget my shopping bags...because I refuse to pay for garbage bags so I need to get those plastic ones somehow !

I wouldn't stress too much about it *hugs*

Diana - Teacher Mom said...

I think everything in moderation. Do you what you can for as long as you can and as often as you can. We try to buy organic but because it's pricey, we try not to buy too much and risk having it go to waste. But like you, I'm having a hard time find a green deodorant that doesn't make my face turn red!

By the way, I have left an award for you on my blog.