Wednesday, May 12, 2010

#BfCafe Joe and Shari Criso

I apologize for the last minute posting we have a ton of ground to make up.

This week we are going to get down to the basics.
The 5 things YOU need to KNOW about breastfeeding before you give birth.
Cut and Dry. (Well sorta...)
Bring you paper and pencil (that seems so old school) and bring your questions because we are going to lay it all out.
(Of course others may have advice they would like to share as well!)

Shari and Joe Criso attend our "party" ever Thursday night to support moms coming to chat breastfeeding from all over the world; now this week they SPONSOR!
So make sure you follow both @JoeCriso and @ShariCriso

They have their own website that combines their store: The Birth Boutique in New Jersey(which is a 5000 square foot brick and mortar!!), Shari's VIDEO blog and My Baby Experts, that educates new parents with products offered and is a place of support amongst other new parents and families.

Joe and Shari offer live classes to expectant couples & now offer them through DVD, education and private consultations.

Shari and Joe have offered the amazing participants to the chat:

1 "Simply Breastfeeding:The Criso Breastfeeding Method" DVD program (Shari's breastfeeding class on DVD)
1 "Breastpumps and Briefcases" Audio CD program (Shari's class for BF moms returning to work)
1 set of Nurturewear (Shari's unique line of nursing loungewear for breastfeeding in comfort & style)
1 15 minute private phone consultation with Shari =)

*I think the private phone consultation is a gem of a giveaway!!

4 prizes within the 60 minute chat
5 things you need to know about breastfeeding before you give birth!
Chat ya tomorrow!

Gotta RSVP to win!
Please enter like this: @zealandsmom using your twitter ID
and as your link


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