Saturday, May 8, 2010

So...I have a friend in need.

Well..I have never met her but she is still my friend. I met her on twitter and we share my passions in common.
She plans to breastfeed her baby and she wants to use cloth diapers.
Now, the majority of my followers use cloth but I assume the majority has their own washing machine.
She will not.
And to make matters worse, she lost her job and is a single mother.
And she is raising an adorable daughter too!

We have a wonderful lady on our hands. She wants to use one size snap boy diapers but I think that if we could gather up ANY and all the diapers that we aren't using it will be better than Huggies and I am sure we all have a diaper to give!
I'm asking you, my close to 200 followers to give back. If you have one dipe, if you have 20!
Leave me a message here and I will email you the address if you are interested!
(I am also interested in sending her any boy baby clothes or "things" as she has just told me she isn't being given a shower:(...)

Thank you friends for your support!



kia said...

please e-mail me her address. I think I know the friend you are talking about and I would love to send her some goodies. I think me and her are due around the same time... I have extra love for my preggo twins!

Katie said...

I don't have any boy clothes, but I can spare a gender neutral diaper.
EllisFan14 at gmail.

simplymerry said...

please email me her address...
simplymerry at gmail dot com

Mummatutu said...

I have tons of boy cloths they're a few years old (from my son who is almost 5) but they are in great shape! Let me know how I can help. Anything specific she is looking for (snow suit, onsies, pants, shirts, summer, fall, winter, sleepwear?)

Little Miss Emmy Lou said...

When is she due (so we have an idea of what season/size clothes she needs)? not sure I can help but I will look, depending on what she needs.
es1237 at gmail dot com

Ida Mae said...

Email me her address! I have at LEAST one boy diaper I could spare, and I have lots of boy clothes that my little guy never even wore. When is she due? Thanks for doing this :)

~Ida Mae
ida_mai at hotmail dot com

spontamyous said...

I don't have any diapers or clothes to spare quite yet (my baby's still got about another month to cook), but if you let me know when she's due and her address I can send some stuff as my boy grows out of his. (That is, if she's okay with receiving random shipments from me at random times.) spontamyous at gmail dot com.

Amanda said...

Hey mama, Let me in on the love! Let me know who/what/where/when & I'll see what I have to offer up. Do you know if she'll be using cloth wipes? I can make some of those up in boy prints for sure! :)

haven said...

Oliver is constantly growing out of clothes, so I'd love to help out with that... no cloth dipes though. send me the info, when due and whatnot, haven.mcwilliams @

Dana said...

I can send a diaper to your friend. Please send me the info.
danajewers6352 at msn dot com